Regents Chemistry 2012-2013

Specific Heat of Copper
Regents Lab # 11
Intro: ________/3
Role: _________________
Section 2:________/2
Name: ___________________________________
Date Due: Tuesday 12/15/15
Section 3:________/5
Section 4:________/5
For a pure substance in a single phase, heat flowing in or out of the substance
can be calculated using the following equation:
According to the law of conversation of energy, energy is always ____________________. Thus the amount of
heat energy lost by the water (assuming that no heat is lost to the surroundings) is equal to the amount of heat
energy gained by the copper.
= (mwater)(cwater)(ΔTwater)
calculate this
Section 3: Calculations:
1) Calculate the specific heat of copper using the data obtained in the lab to the nearest thousandths
place. SHOW ALL WORK (math set-up and calculations).
2) Calculate your percent error. The accepted value for the specific heat of copper is 0.386J/g˚C.
Section 4: Conclusion: To be written in FCGCS on a separate sheet of paper.
Explain what is meant by specific heat.
Which has a higher specific heat, water or copper? Explain why?
What equation was used to calculate the amount of heat transferred?
In what direction does heat energy always flow?
State your percent error and describe some possible sources for your error. Be specific! Don’t
just say human error and/or errors in math calculations!!
Section 2: Data Table: Don’t forget
A. mass of copper piece
B. mass of the 2 nested Styrofoam cups, empty
C. mass of the 2 Styrofoam cups with 60ml water
D. mass of the water (c-b)
E. initial temperature of the water in the
Styrofoam cups (Tinitial of the water)
F. final temperature of the water in the Styrofoam cup
after the hot copper is added (Tfinal of the water)
G. change in the water temperature, ΔTwater (F – E)
_______________________ ΔTwater
H. initial temperature of the hot copper before it is
added to the Styrofoam cup (Tinitial of the copper)
I. final temperature of the copper
(Tfinal of the copper)
J. temperature change of the copper, ΔTCu (H-I)
_________________________ ΔTCu
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