June 3rd Farm 2 Jeffrey`s Bay

Brief Report on farm visit
Date of visit: 3rd June 2015
Farm 2 with rotary at Jeffrey’s Bay
Number of cows: 1050 cows in two herds
Main observations:
 Low lameness according to manager
 Treatment crush not good (manual tip)
 Herding in yard very good – good design rotary and rectangular yard
 Feed pads on paddocks with tractor tyres
 Bovine digital dermatitis (BDD) – 3/40 screened on rotary platform.
 Find an upright crush for treatment safer for cow and person.
 Your BDD level is very low. To keep it under control in wet weather regular foot bathing
is recommended.
 Ideally foot bath once a week on exit after protrac - foot bath dimensions 2.5 m x 3 m with
15 cm depth with 3% formalin. The footbath works best if the cows walk through it after
every milking even if there is no solution in it. See www.lamecow.co.nz for complete
information about construction of footbaths for large herds.