Time Capsule Project Romantic Era: Poets and Writers You will be

Time Capsule Project
Romantic Era: Poets and Writers
You will be creating a technology project in which a “time capsule”, buried by a famous
poet/writer from the Romantic, is found. You will create a PPT or PPTX to share this time
capsule. You are going to create the capsule as guessing game. You will have your time capsule
and links to information about the items in the capsule. You will have a choice of poets/writers
for your players to use as they try to determine who buried the capsule. You will include the
following items.
1. 5 Object or Momentos from the Time Period. Each object will be described and its use
named. The object must in some way connect to the poet.
2. 3 works by the Poet or Author or excerpts from the works. Some information about the
works will be included in your project such as when it was written; the inspiration; brief
3. A letter (written by you) from the Poet Writer.
4. A biography of the Poet/Writer.
5. You will also include brief biographies of the other writers who are choices in your
The object of the game you are creating is to teach someone about the Romantic Era and the
writers with a focus on the poet writer you have selected. A final page of the project will
provide a comparison of the writers of the Romantic Age, naming some of the key symbols,
techniques, and ideas that are the hallmarks of this era.