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South Africa celebrates Freedom Month during April under the theme: “Celebrating
the Beginning of the Third Decade of our Freedom through Accelerating
Radical Economic Transformation”.
April will forever resonate in the history of our nation as the month that saw the first
democratic elections in 1994 that gave birth to freedom and constitutional democracy
in South Africa. This election marked turning point that saw the previously
disadvantaged become part of the South African political processes. The country
belongs to all who live in it.
The 1994 breakthrough promotes the values of freedom and democracy that are an
integral part of our Constitutional democracy. Freedom Day is celebrated on 27 April
in celebration of the historic participation of all the people of South African citizens in
the first free and fair democratic elections.
Over the last two decades we have worked hard to construct a society that serves all
its people. In fact, South Africa has come a long way in addressing the economic,
social and cultural challenges created under apartheid.
The year 2015 ushers the beginning of the third decade of democracy and freedom.
On 27 April this year South Africans are called to take the opportunity to celebrate
the fruits of our democracy. It is time to reflect on the progress we have made as
country in moving South Africa forward.
This year’s Freedom Day/Month falls on the 60th anniversary of the historic adoption
of the Freedom Charter in Kliptown, Soweto. The values as espoused in the
Freedom Charter still hold true and they are an overall vision for a non-racial and
democratic society and many of its values are embedded in the Constitution.
During Freedom Month the President will confer National Orders on deserving South
Africans and international figures who have contributed to the attainment of our
freedom and democracy.
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South Africa is a
better place to live in.
The values and ideals
of Freedom are
integrated into the
Ties that bind us are
stronger than
barriers that divides
Consolidate the
gains of 21 Years of
Democracy &
We have made significant progress in building a
democratic nation founded on the values of human
dignity, non-racialism and non-sexism.
The rule of law and universal adult suffrage is enshrined
in the Constitution.
Great progress made in lifting disadvantaged out of
poverty with access to water, healthcare, education,
housing and many other basic needs which they did not
have before 1994.
Our economy has become more inclusive and continues
to show steady growth.
We should all be proud of the progress we have made in
the past 21 years.
The spirit of the Freedom Charter lives in the ideals and
principles of the Constitution.
These values and principles promote the advancement of
economic justice and social equality
The principles, values and ideals of the Constitution must
influence our behavior, conduct and attitude.
The Bill of Rights reaffirms that everyone has inherent
dignity and the right to have their dignity respected and
We must continue to strengthen the freedoms and
protections we enjoy under our Constitution.
Let us work together to forge a common national identity
that is built on mutual respect, tolerance and acceptance.
We must promote our similarities rather than differences
We must do more to break down the artificial barriers of
culture, race and religion that still divide us.
We must be agents of transformation that work for a
society free from racial, social and economic class
The right to vote, which was denied for so long under
apartheid, has come to symbolize our freedom and the
new society we are building.
We should never forget the sacrifices of countless
patriots who fought tirelessly to secure our freedom and
Our Freedom was not free; it was hard fought and must
be cherished and protected.
We must jealously guard the gains of democracy and
continue to build on the fruits of our freedom.
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Together we must
ensure radical
Celebrate the heroes
& heroines of our
Together we must continue to confront economic
injustice, inequality, poverty and unemployment.
 Government will not rest until all South Africans enjoy a
decent and better quality of life
 All South Africans must benefit from our rich natural,
economic, cultural and social resources.
 The National Orders are conferred in recognition of the
outstanding achievements of ordinary South Africans and
foreign nationals.
 The freedom that we celebrate today, was not free, it
came at huge personal cost to countless South Africans.
 National Orders honour those who made sacrifices
beyond measure and dedicated their lives so that we can
enjoy our freedom today.
 There are six categories of National Orders, each
recognising unique achievements by South Africans or
foreign nationals.
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