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st mary’s luton
Lo vi n g G o d , l o vi n g Lu t o n , f o l l o w i n g C h r i s t
Sunday 5th October 2014
Welcome – especially if you are visiting today
A very warm welcome to our service today. We
are thinking about Sharing the Good things God
gives and looking at it in two ways – firstly in
sharing our faith. Today Lily, Isla and Leonard are
being baptised and we welcome their parents
John, Leslea, Michelle and Kerry and families as
they celebrate new life and as they look to sharing
the good things of their faith with their children.
It is harvest time and we are also thinking about
sharing the good things God has physically given
us. Today we hear from Peter Adams and Zoe
Moran as they profile the FoodBank – one of the
many organisations we support.
We are committed to the social and spiritual
transformation of our town. True Christianity is
living and active, something that we “do”. There
are a number of ways that you can get involved
with community transformation activities at St
Mary’s. Many of these are delivered through our
local partner outreach ministries which you can
read about in the leaflet produced for today.
We believe that these help us in Sharing the Good
things God gives and we are pleased today to hear
about the Food Bank.
today? #smltn
Every blessing,
Mike Jones
Keeping Children Safe
One part of being welcoming is to keep
our young people safe:
we love
welcoming people and we want your
children to feel at home here. We take
every precaution to make sure your
children are properly looked after and
supervised whilst they are in their
groups. Once they are back in your care
at the end of the service, please make
sure that you know where they are and
who they are with. We have a large
building and grounds and our doors are
open to anyone who wants to come in,
so we need you to be diligent in making
sure that they are safe. Thank you.
We run activities for 0-11 year olds
during most Sunday morning services
(apart from 1st Sunday each month).
St. Mary’s Small
CHIMPS parents’ and toddlers’ group
meets in the church hall Wed & Thu
mornings term time at 10.00-11.30am
At St. Mary’s we believe the best
opportunity to form good friendships,
apply Bible teaching to real life,
receive prayer and practical support,
demonstrate God’s love to others in
words and actions can be found in our
Cell Groups. They meet during the
week for Bible study, prayer and
fellowship. For more details please
[email protected]
We warmly welcome all new and
returning students to St. Mary’s Church
Interested in a weekly Bible study,
prayer, fellowship, and an opportunity
to find out more about Christianity? For
details about Student Cell please email
[email protected]
We also support ‘Tree House:
Community & Faith’: The University
Chaplaincy - go to
for more information and details of
YOUNG CHURCH meets in the hall for
(5-11s), and behind the stage (3-5s).
Parents need to come with their
children at the start of the activity to
‘sign in’ their children each Sunday.
CRECHE runs in the lounge for 0-3s.
BABY CORNER A soft play area
available at the back of church for
parents and carers over 18 to stay
and play with babies. (No children
older than 3 years old!)
For details about our youth activities
at St Mary’s please check the youth
notice board (on the way through to
the hall) or speak to our youth
minister Joe. Alternatively email
under 5’s
[email protected]
meets on
ENCOUNTER (years 7-9) and OXIDIZE
(years 10-13) run on various Sundays
during services. See fliers for details.
Once a month we have ENGAGE
SUNDAY, when young people are
encouraged to serve in different
areas of church ministry.
633 is our evening youth programme
at St Mary’s, designed to make church
more accessible to young people. It
is currently going through a change in
structure with a variety of evening
activities. Email Joe if you want to
know more!
8:00am Holy Communion
10:00am All Age Worship
Welcome Mike Jones
Song Lovely Jubbly
Songs My Guardian, 10,000 reasons
Focus on Foodbank Peter Adams
Reading Lizzie Bottrill
Talk Mike Jones
Song How Great Thou Art
Baptism Welcome
News & Notices
Song words appear on the screens. Please ask if you would
like a hand held copy, available from the back of church.
Large print versions of the service sheet and song words are
also available.
You can visit the Traidcraft stall for all your groceries
and gifts each Sunday while having a cup of coffee.
For information about changes to our 633 programme,
please speak to a member of the youth team or grab a flier
from the back of church. Alternatively you can email our
youth minister, Joe, at [email protected]
Luton Town Centre Chaplaincy - are delighted to have been
nominated for a Lloyds Bank Community Fund Award – we
could receive as much as £3000 but this depends on
you!!! So we need your help!
You can vote for us by texting ‘VOTE MGK’ to 61119
(standard rates apply)
You can vote for us by tweeting #COMMFUND MGK
or on-line at
Also nominated in our local area - Level Trust (helps
children living in poverty in Luton to achieve their best at
school - including project 'feel good shoes') Women’s Aid in
Luton and Jamrock Media (deliver media training and
mentoring to young people aged 13-18) and how much they
will be awarded depends on how many votes they each
receive. (The group with the most votes will get £3,000, the
next £2,000, £1,000 and finally, £500.) You can vote for
 Give thanks for the
protection of Mike Jones,
our Vicar, and pray for
him as he to returns to
work full time.
 For Michael Carter and
the team he has been
working with in Kenya
who returned to the UK
yesterday. Pray for good
recovery after the trip and
for God’s blessing on the
clinic and the work they
leave behind in Kenya.
 For new and returning
students as they arrive in
Luton over the next
couple of weeks & for the
staff of the University of
Bedfordshire as they begin
a new academic year.
 For God’s blessing and
Foodbank as they seek to
serve those in need in
Luton. For Zoe Moran and
Peter Adams and all those
who volunteer for and
support the Foodbank.
 We thank those who have
brought gifts for harvest.
Our Urban Harvest will be
shared between Noah and
Luton Foodbank.
 For Rita Banfield, family
and friends of Revd.
Canon David Banfield
(Vicar here at St Mary’s
1980-90) who has sadly
passed away aged 81 on
Thursday afternoon after
a serious stroke.
Monday 6th
2:00pm Senior Citizens Harvest Tea
8 th
 Bute Mills Quiz Night on Saturday
11th October 7pm at Central Baptist
Church. Tickets £6. Refreshments
included. Tickets available by phoning
Martin Owen on 07947733812 or by
emailing [email protected]
10:00am Holy Communion
Luke 11: 1-4
10:00am CHIMPS
Thursday 9th
10:00am CHIMPS
Sunday 12 th
8:00am Holy Communion
 On Sunday 19th October there will
be historic tours of the Church after
the Friends Annual Service - If you
know anyone who would enjoy this
why not invite them to the service
and the tour after.
 Luton Town Centre Chaplaincy
invites everyone to join their Annual
Celebration here at St Mary’s on
Sunday 19th October at 6:30pm.
Alan West, Pastor of Luton Christian
Fellowship will be speaking and there
will an opportunity to meet some of
the Chaplains and hear some of their
exciting stories.
10:00am Holy Communion
6:33pm 633 Origins
 If you would like to ‘Welcome a
Student’ to Luton by inviting them to
Sunday Lunch – please see Joe Sellers.
15 th
10:00am Morning Prayer
Luke 11:42-46
10:00am CHIMPS
 Congratulations to CHIMPS who have
been voted ‘favourite baby & toddler
group in Luton’ by!
Thursday 16th
10:00am CHIMPS
Sunday 19 th
8:00am Holy Communion
10:00am The Friends Annual Service
Revd .Mike Jones – Vicar
followed by Historic Tours of Church
Joe Sellers – Youth Minister
Revd. Catherine Moss & Revd. Chris Adams
1:00pm Shona Service
Rebecca Orrin – Office Manager
Colin Payne – Site Agent
6:30pm LTCC Annual Celebration
Lizzie Bottrill–Girls Youth Work Assistant Andrew Pinnock–Sports Youth Assistant
Sandy Crossman–Pastoral Care Co-ordinator Penny Fisher & Richard Hearing –Church
Church Office Opening Hours: Mon 1.00-3.30pm; Wed, Thurs 9.00am–1.00pm
Tel: 01582 721867 Fax: 01582 730301 [email protected]
Registered Charity No. 1132078