Yr 8 2 Flooding

Homework Grid – half term 2 year 8 – flooding
Complete one task from each group (creativity, research, skills). Please make sure they are all handed in by the due
date recorded in your planner, you should hand in 3 pieces altogether. These tasks represent the minimum expected
for all pupils; staff may add additional homework to these tasks.
Design a product that would be
useful to someone before, during or
after a flood. Make sure you
annotate why it would be useful and
how it works!
Write a diary or storyboard
pretending that your house has been
flooded. What happened on the
day? How would you feel? What sort
of worries or concerns might you
now have?
Gather a selection of
photos of flood damage
and create a poster
showing some of the
impacts that flooding can
What sort of work do governments
or organisations do at reducing the
risk of flooding? What help or
guidance do they give people before,
during or after the flood? The
Environment Agency would be a
good place to look at.
Choose an example of a UK flood
that has occurred since 2000.
Produce a case study of the flood
events that occurred and identify in
detail the cause, effects and
responses to this flood.
Research the different
ways that the risk of
flooding can be reduced.
Make a video documentary
explaining how one, or
more, of the methods helps
reduce the risk of flooding.
Look at the different types of flood
defences that we investigated in
class, research more about them and
rank them in order of which is best
and why. Think about price,
effectiveness, how they look, how
long they will last. You can present
this how you wish.
Create some questions about
flooding that you could ask to
someone you know who has been
effected by floods, ask these
questions and record your results. If
you don’t know anyone you could
email the Environment Agency and
ask them questions instead.
Annotate an OS map of an
area that is prone to
flooding. Show some of the
features that might lead to
this place flooding.
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