Transition Plan - Swift Creek Elementary School

Title I Schoolwide Programs
Transition Plan
Swift Creek Elementary
(How will you create a seamless and coherent educational program particularly for at-risk
We will use Universal Screening and mClass data to target students who are deficient in
foundational skills.
All teachers are expected to use a balanced literacy and balanced math approach for core
Students who are below grade level benchmarks will be targeted to receive additional instruction
(reading and math) based on multiple criteria point selection process.
Intervention groups will be created based on formative assessment data, Universal Screening,
and mClass data.
The co-teaching model will be implemented with support personnel and grade level teachers in
an effort to approach student learning in a collaborative manner and provide students improved
access to the grade level curriculum.
School staff will implement SIOP components in daily lessons to enhance core instruction.
How will your school plan for the transition of students from home/preschool to kindergarten?
Hold Coffee and Kleenex program during the first week of school.
Hold Popsicles on the Playground event in August to allow incoming Kindergarteners the opportunity
to meet other rising Kindergarteners.
Hold a Kindergarten Open House in May and Meet the Teacher in late August.
Teach ROAR expectations through Classroom Meetings and classroom experiences.
Administrators hold Town Hall Meetings throughout the year to address specific concerns.
Kindergarten students are also offered additional support on the first day of school. During the
process of staggered entry, a portion of the students will come to school each day during the first
week of school. This allows classroom teachers, counselors, intervention teachers, and specialists
the opportunity to interact with the students and reduce anxiety about school. Data collected from
mClass and social assessments are reviewed by the kindergarten team to determine placement.
What strategies will your school implement to help students transition at critical transition points
within their school career? (second grade to third grade; fifth grade to sixth grade)
Teachers will promote writing as one way to respond to reading, specifically addressing question
5th to 6th grade transition—Middle school counselors will present to fifth grade along with a band
performance to discuss elective options
Fifth grade teachers will teach organizational strategies, specifically promoting the use of a binder to
prepare students for middle school.
Fifth grade teachers will use the cubbies as “lockers” after the winter holiday.
Fifth graders will practice using combination locks.
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