PIEVC Workshop: Extreme Weather & Infrastructure

Extreme Weather and infrastructure: How Resilient is Your Community?
A Public Infrastructure Engineering Vulnerability Committee (PIEVC) Workshop & Field Tour
Building on the City of Castlegar's experience in applying the
PIEVC protocol to its stormwater system, this November 2012
workshop with trainers from Engineers Canada introduced
local government officials to the protocol and a new triple
bottom line assessment tool for assessing infrastructure
vulnerability to a changing climate.
Participants also went on a field tour that highlighted issues,
challenges and innovations in Castlegar’s stormwater system,
bringing many of the lessons and opportunities home.
Presentations from Extreme Weather and Infrastructure: How Resilient is Your Community are listed
Dr. Mel Reasoner's climate science presentation: click here
PIEVC Intro: - click here
PIEVC Module 1 - Background: click here
PIEVC Module 2 - Risk Assessment: click here
PIEVC Module 3 - PIEVC Protocol: click here
PIEVC Module 4: Triple Bottom Line (TBL): click here
For more information, contact [email protected] or visit www.cbt.org/climatechange