Symbolism and Allegory guided notes

Unit 7 - Symbolism and Allegory
Public Symbols
 Public symbols are symbols that we know and recognize at once. They are ingrained in our
 Examples:
Wedding ring = _______________
Six pointed star = ______________
Cross = _____________________
Red Octagon = _________________
Symbols in Literature
 Literary symbol - an object, setting, event, animal, or even a person that functions in the story
the way you would expect it to but also ___________________________________.
 Usually stands for something ____________________.
 Examples: love, hate, jealousy, dependence
 Example: LITERALLY, Equality invents the light box on his own, refuses to give it up, and
escapes with it into the uncharted forest. It comes to SYMBOLIZE :
 Symbols work by association.
 Association is making a _______________ between two or more concepts
 Example: We associate spring with new flower buds and, therefore, with new _________ and
 Example: We associate winter with deterioration and, therefore, with _________________.
We often associate….
 Gardens with _________
 Wastelands with ________________
 Winter with _____________
 Spring with fertility and _______________
 Doves with ___________________
 Ravens with __________
Symbols are NOT ____________________
 As we read, we come to associate objects, characters, or settings with other qualities, but they
are not equations.
 A literary symbol does not necessarily have just ONE_____________________ just as a story
may have more than one _______________________.
 Example: Equality’s light box may be interpreted as symbolizing ____________________,
independence, human reason, the rationality of the human mind, etc.
 When interpreting a symbol, we must be able to justify our claim with
Symbols involve reading between the lines
 Symbols are…
A) suggested by the _____________
B) interpreted by the ________________
 Example: Anthem can be read on a literal level as an adventure story; however, Rand intended
readers to ponder the symbolism of objects and settings (the light box, the uncharted forest,
Equality’s new home, etc.) to form a deeper meaning.
 Symbols add depth and intrigue to the literature – give the reader something to ponder.
The ________________________ of a symbol can change its meaning.
In one story, a chain may symbolize ________________. In another, it may symbolize
___________________. It depends on when, where, and how it is used in the story.
Not every story is rich in symbolism
 Avoid attaching symbolism where it is not there.
 Look for objects, characters, or settings that reappear throughout the story and is identified with
something other than itself.
 A story, poem, or picture that uses symbols to reveal a hidden _______________________.
 Contains both a literal and symbolic meaning
 Types:
 ______________________ - animals symbolize vices and virtues in order to teach a
practical lessons about how to succeed in life.
 ______________________- (in the Bible) are used to teach a lesson about ethics or
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