In submitting this bid, Bidder represents that Bidder has visited the site and become familiar with and is
satisfied as to the general, local and site conditions that may affect cost, progress and performance of the
Brief Description - Unit or Lump Sum
Total Price 
Price (in both words and numerals)
(in numerals)
Mobilization, per lump sum;
Dollars and
Cents ($________________)
New Concrete Sidewalk, 5-inches Thick, per square yard;
Dollars and
Cents ($________________)
Brief Description - Unit or Lump Sum
Total Price 
Price (in both words and numerals)
(in numerals)
New Imprinted Concrete Sidewalk and Steps, 5-inches Thick, per square yard;
Dollars and
Cents ($________________)
Excavation and Removal of Existing Sidewalk, Brick Steps, and Curb Bricks, per cubic yard;
Dollars and
Cents ($________________)
Tubular Metal Handrail, per linear foot;
Dollars and
Cents ($________________)
Total of All Bid Prices
Notes to Bidder:
Φ – For informational comparison only.
* - Indeterminate, Quantity assumed for comparison bids.
1. Bidder acknowledges that estimated quantities are not guaranteed, and are solely for the purpose
of comparison of Bids, and final payment for all unit price Bid items will be based on actual
quantities, determined by measurement in the field.
2. In the event there is a discrepancy between the lump sum or unit prices written in words and
figures, the prices written in words shall govern.
3. Bidders must bid on each item. All entries in the entire Bid must be made clearly and in ink.
Prices bid must be written in both words and figures. Bidders should insert extended items prices
obtained from quantities and unit prices.
4. Owner has identified that work must be completed by October 31, 2013.
5. Owner is exempt from Vermont state sales and use taxes on materials and equipment to be
incorporated into the work (exemption no. 036000638). Said taxes shall not be included in the
6. Owner reserves the right to reject any or all Bids. Owner further reserves the right to reject the
Bid of any Bidder whom it finds, after reasonable inquiry and evaluation, to not be responsible or
any Bid that Owner believes not to be in the best interest of the project to make an award to that
Bidder. If the Contract is to be awarded, Owner will award the Contract to the Bidder whose Bid
is in the best interests of the Project.
7. Attachments to the Bid include Performance Bond (see attached three pages) and Payment Bond
(see attached three pages).
8. The limits of liability for insurance include: $1,000,000 Contractor’s General Liability, proof of
Workman Compensation statutory State of Vermont required limits, and $1,000,000 automobile
VTrans Standard Specifications for Construction: All construction activities shall be in accordance
with the Vermont Agency of Transportation’s Standard Specifications for Construction, 2011 Edition,
Latest Revisions.
Removal of Existing Sidewalk and Brick Edging/Step Materials: Contractor shall confirm with
Owner, each area of the existing sidewalk and existing brick edging/steps that requires removal.
Excavation, removal, and disposal of existing materials is provided in Pay Item 4.
New Sidewalk Materials: When possible, materials used in the construction of sidewalks shall be listed
on the VTrans Approved Products List (APL). Contractor shall submit documentation to the Owner that
materials are on the APL.
Subgrade and Subbase: Following removal of existing sidewalks, the subgrade shall be properly shaped
and thoroughly compacted to match density of existing sidewalk subbase. Subbase material shall be
carefully removed or added to achieve proper subbase elevation such that adjacent sidewalk surfaces are
set flush with one another and/or flush with adjacent granite curbing. Subbase shall be in accordance with
Section 704.05, Table 704.05A – Crushed Gravel for Subbase. Subgrade preparation is incidental to Pay
Item 2 on the bid form, and no separate payment will be made for subgrade preparation.
Concrete Pigment: Coloring and dyeing of concrete shall be in accordance with ASTM C979 - Standard
Specification for Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete. Contractor shall submit color chart to Owner
for selection prior to placement of pigmented concrete. The color shall be fully integrated into the
concrete. Concrete pigment is incidental to Pay Item 3.
Concrete Sidewalk, 5 Inch: Concrete Sidewalks shall conform to Section 618 – Sidewalks, and the
attached Sidewalk Detail. Concrete shall be Class A, and have a minimum compressive strength of 4,000
psi at 28-days. Install concrete sidewalk at locations identified by the Owner.
Sidewalk Reinforcement: Sidewalk reinforcement shall be 6” by 6” 10 gage welded wire steel grid
meeting the requirements of Section 713.05 – Welded Wire Reinforcement. Welded wire steel grid shall
be placed at mid-depth of the concrete sidewalk. Sidewalk reinforcement is incidental to Pay Items 2 and
Sidewalk Scoring Pattern: Sidewalk scoring pattern shall match existing conditions.
Expansion Joints: Use asphalt-treated felt preformed joint filler in conformance to Section 707.08.
Expansion joints are incidental to Pay Items 2 and 3.
Imprinted Concrete Sidewalk, 5 Inch: Work shall conform to Section 618 – Sidewalks. Install
imprinted concrete sidewalks at locations identified by the Owner, which generally will be at the locations
where existing brick edging and steps will be removed. A pattern that mimics rustic bricks shall be used
to imprint the concrete. Provide sample imprint pattern to the Owner for review and approval. All
materials, color and imprinted pattern shall be approved by the Owner prior to use. Contractor shall plan
the pattern layout in order to coordinate slab dimension and construction joints locations with stamping
pattern dimensions. Contractor shall take precautions to avoid discoloration between adjacent areas of
pigmented and non-pigmented concrete. Install, imprint, and finish concrete as recommended by
manufacturer of imprinting equipment. Contractor shall submit a resume including references if any
concrete imprinting projects have been previously constructed.
Concrete Curing: Concrete curing shall be in accordance with Section 541.17. Concrete curing is
incidental to Pay Items 2 and 3.
Tubular Metal Handrail: Contractor shall provide and install tubular metal handrail at the locations
indicated by the Owner, to match the existing handrail at the ADA ramp on South Main Street. Attach
new handrail using materials similar to the existing handrail installation. All work associated with tubular
metal handrail is incidental to Pay Item 5.
Vehicular Traffic and Pedestrian Traffic Control: Contractor shall maintain pedestrian through
movements from one end of the construction to the other on at least one side of the road during
construction. Any sidewalk closures shall meet the requirements of MUTCD, Part 6. If sidewalks are
closed, a temporary pedestrian access route (TPAR) shall be provided on the same side of the road as the
closed sidewalk, if possible. Contractor shall develop a written Vehicular Traffic and Pedestrian Traffic
Control Plan for review and approval by the Owner. This plan shall detail the construction phasing and
schedule and the specific methods of maintaining safe pedestrian access throughout the construction area.
Pedestrian access shall be provided and maintained to businesses/stores/residences within the project area
at all times. All work associated with vehicular traffic and pedestrian traffic control is incidental to the
pay items.
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