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SME specialized on industrial production of microcapsule and
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The name of the company is Nanocapsulas SL
( It is an SME seeking to join a project
consortia. The company offers its knowledge to scale-up laboratory
results into industrial production. It is difficult to produce micro and nano
particles at a competitive prices; and in some cases, it is even harder to
produce de micro and nanoparticles dispersions.
For the call of “Novel nanomatrices and nanocapsules” (NMP-06-2015),
the Spanish company Nanocapsulas SL offers its experience on the
industrial design of dispersions, solving the technical problems that might
arise and providing advice even for the design phase of the particles.
For the call “SME instrument” (NMP-25-2014) the company offers its
experience on bringing products into the market. It will be able to be
subcontractor in a project. The role of Nanocapsulas SL could be to
provide the final step of the industrial development, thus to switch into
actual products what has been developed in a laboratory scale.
Nanocapsulas is an SME established in 2011. The company is strongly
oriented to develop industrial processes and to the production of
microcapsules. The company has an industrial production plant located in
the Region of Murcia (Spain). It offers its experience to a project
consortia either as a partner or subcontractor to develop novel
nanomatrices and nanocapsules.
This products could be used in agrofood applications, for drugs delivery,
in personal care or cosmetic or even as antimicrobial agents for
housecleaning products.
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Novel nanomatrices and nanocapsules (NMP-06-2015)
Deadline: 26 March 2015
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SME instrument (NMP-25-2014)
First deadline 9 October 2014
Juan Pacheco
Proyecta Gestion
+34 868 888 801
[email protected]