Barbera 1870 SpA Environmental Policy

Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System
Barbera 1870 S.p.A. Environmental Policy
Barbera 1870 S.p.A., a coffee roasting and packing company for over 140 years, operates an
integrated management system conforming to ISO 9001 norms for quality, ISO 14001 for
environment protection and sustainable development, and ISO 22000 for food safety.
With this policy, reviewed yearly for conformity, the company renews its commitment to
sustainable development and prevention of environmental pollution, with a continual upgrading of
performance, in particular for the safeguarding and protection of the environment.
Barbera company management policy continues to invest in, and employ, human and technological
resources to reduce its environmental impact, maintaining an up-grading process which leads to
visible and measurable results from year to year.
With this in mind, and in line with company activities, Barbara 1870, commits itself to:
1. Maintaining an environmental management system, certified by an external certification body,
which promotes continual improvements in environmental performance, in preventing pollution and
in protecting natural resources, achieving conformity to UNI EN ISO 14001 international norms.
2. Respecting all current environmental laws and regulations.
3. Undertaking the necessary action to reduce and minimize environmental impact linked to
company activity, aiming at continual improvement regarding environmental performance, with
particular attention to monitoring and optimizing gas emissions, waste management, noise pollution
and energy resources, reducing waste through the use of state-of-the-art technology, and
photovoltaic energy.
4. Employing resources both to obtain identified objectives and goals, and in the management of
environmental programs for its own production activity.
5. Developing an open, transparent dialogue with the public by providing information on its activity
and environmental performance.
6. Promoting its environmental commitment by regularly informing, training and creating
awareness amongst company personnel.
7. Spreading this policy and environmental protection declaration to its clients, the public and
company personnel, also on the company website.
Efficiency and maintenance of objectives achieved will be guaranteed with efficient, dynamic
methods of control. Should any deviation occur correction measures will be taken as foreseen.
Messina, 22nd Dec 2014
The Chairman
Antonio Barbera