Constitutional Philosophical foundations

Constitutional Philosophical foundations-Table Talk Presentations
In your group, you will be creating a PPP introducing the class to your 18th century enlightened
philosopher/concept. You will explain their ideas and the impact those ideas had on the creation of this
great country (USA).
Things to include:
1) A brief bio of your philosopher
2) Main ideas
3) The impact these ideas had on subsequent governments (include USA and any other governments
that are relevant)
4) Where are these ideas found in the US Constitution and/or Declaration of Independence? Be specific
(direct quotes)
5) What is the appeal of these ideas to the populace?
6) Why might these ideas be dangerous to an absolute ruler or monarchy?
7) Reference page
8) Create a paper mask of your philosopher to where while you are presenting-extra points will be
attributed to those who dress-up (era appropriate)
Key Concepts
Representative Government; rule of law; limited government; individual rights; liberty; separation of
powers; popular sovereignty; constitutionalism; majority rule; freedom of thought/expression; torture;
religious freedom; women’s rights
Enlightened Thinkers/concepts
Thomas Hobbes
John Locke
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Baron de Montesquieu
Cesare Beccaria
Mary Wollstonecraft
Benjamin Franklin
Presentation Graphic Organizer
Interesting fact
Thomas Hobbes
John Locke
Main Ideas
Found in Constitution
Cesare Beccaria
Roman Republic
Greek Democracy