Notes from the PPG Meeting 3rd June 2015

Notes following the Meeting of Walford Mill Medical Centre Patient Participation Group
Wednesday 3rd June 5:30pm at Walford Mill Medical Centre
Agenda Item
Last Meeting
Marshall Surgery
No discussion on the last meeting
We are delighted to report that Anne Curry has now
been appointed as chair of the Walford Mill Patient
Participation Group.
Will finally open at the beginning of July. The will be
Dr Evans each Thursday morning from 9:00-10:00am
and Phlebotomy will also be available during these
The group discussed ways of ensuring the service was
used appropriately by those who have difficulty with
transport and cannot attend the main surgery as the
surgery time at Sturminster Marshall is limited.
Actions agreed
Sharon will put a notice on the
website asking patients to respect
that this service is for those unable
to get to the main site and that we
would appreciate anyone who has
transport and is able continuing to
travel to the main surgery.
Sharon will speak to the GP’s for
their views on this.
Time taken to
receive results
The group reported that they feel they should be
contacted with results of blood tests for non-routine
Sharon explained that the amount of blood tests
undertaken at the surgery has vastly increased during
the past few years and this was the reason for
adopting a policy of not contacting patients for results
that are normal.
Hospital Letters
Sharon reported that the surgery and doctors are as
frustrated as the patients with the time taken to
receive hospital letters and reports. She advised that
patients visit the Dorset CCG website or e-mail
[email protected] to report their concerns.
Voicemail Messages
The group reported that some patients are having
difficulty in understanding voicemail messages as they
are often spoken very quickly and are unclear.
Sharon will e-mail all staff and
request that they speak slowly and
clearly when leaving messages and
that they repeat their name and
contact number twice.
Dorset Clinical
Services Review
Sharon explained that clinical services review is
currently taking place to redesign patient treatment
and care in Dorset. There will be public consultation
on the proposals expected during August 2015 and
advised the group to keep an eye on the CCG website for information on this as it is
Sharon will circulate an e-mail to
the group with any relevant
expected to have an impact on how services to
patients are delivered in the future.
Better Together
Better Together is a Dorset-wide initiative that will
radically change the way health and adult social care
services are delivered in the future. Further information
can by found at
Next Meeting
Tuesday 8th September at 5:30pm