Messiah Stanley & Jackson Green

Teacher’s Note:
Mrs. Everett’s eight grade students have been learning how to create effective argumentative essays.
Their first was a task in which they had to decipher whether William Shakespeare really wrote all of his
plays. The second entailed choosing which theory they would support in regard to how Edgar Allan Poe
died. In both instances, they also had to acknowledge their opposition, yet refute those points.
Messiah Stanley- Grade 8
I agree with the author who says that Shakespeare did not write his own plays. I believe
that he did not write many of the play and poems and that he says he wrote. One reason
why I think he did not write the plays and poems is because his name was spelled
numerous ways. On the inside of each book was written his name which would be spelled
differently, even after being published. Another reason why I think Shakespeare did not
write the plays and poems is because his documents show that he was a businessman of
Stratford. Documents show that he had extensive knowledge of law, philosophy, classical
literature, ancient, modern history and mathematics. There are no documents of him being
a writer.
Jackson Green- Grade 8
I agree with the author who says that Poe died of illness. For example, one author
says, “Poe had gone to Philadelphia to see his friends, where he was found ill.” This shows
that he has evidence saying Poe was sick. Poe also had a drinking problem which could
have easily transitioned into illness. Another example is that doctors said he had
“congestion of the brain”. One doctor said Poe possibly had tuberculosis, diabetes,
epilepsy, and rabies. Also, while Poe was in the hospital, doctors say he had trauma and fell
into a coma then relapsed.
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