Design rules

Design rules
Please submit materials as follows:
• volume of the article – to 0.75 printed sheet (page format A4);
• line spacing – 1,5;
• all margins – 2.5 cm;
• font size – 14 PT, Times New Roman;
• name, patronymic, surname of the author (authors);
• job title in capital letters;
• in the top left corner of the first page the UDC code is stamped (librarians can
provide this index in libraries);
• under the title of the work there is an abstract of no more than 8 lines (in Russian,
12 PT, justified alignment);
• key words follow after the annotation (in Russian, 12 PT, justified); the word
"keywords" is in italics;
• graphic image: black and white ONLY, with a mandatory copy of the image in a
separate file (bmp, jpg); each figure should have an explanation of the values of all
components of the figure, a sequence number, the name underneath the picture. In
the text there is a reference to it. Abbreviations in the figures are not permitted;
• each table should be equipped with a serial number and caption placed above the
table. All columns in the table should have a heading with a capital letter,
abbreviations in the table are not allowed;
• references quoted in the article (author, title, place of publication, year of
publication, pages) are given in a list at the end of the article. References to foreign
literature are placed after the references to literature. In the text reference to the
source is done by indicating in brackets the sequence numbers of the cited article;
• at the end of the article in English are: surname, name, patronymic of the author;
the title, abstract, keywords;
• on the last page there must be the signatures of all the authors;
• 1 copy of the work (without corrections, printed from the latest version of the
• electronic version, typed in a text editor (preferably MS Word 2003).
Manuscripts not accepted in print, will not be returned.
Attached are the information about the author (authors), including: surname,
name and patronymic, place of work, position, scientific degree and title (with
specialty), the main directions of scientific research, telephone, postal code and
email address for correspondence.
Contributions should be sent to the address: 600000, Vladimir, Gorky St.,
87, Vladimir State University named after Alexander Grigorievich and Nikolai
Grigorievich Stoletovs, Department of Education (Room. 221).
Phones for inquiries: (4922) 33-81-01 (Department of Education);