International Economic Relaions

International Economic Relaions
The International Economic Relations Unit plays a key role in advancing Ireland’s economic
fortunes and delivering more sustainable public finances by maintaining dialogue with
European and international counterparts. This allows for a greater external appreciation of
Ireland’s situation and the progress which has been made in restoring the public finances. The
Unit has put in place a structured programme of inward and outward visits with the objective
of deepening alliances in order to advance our national interests. Diplomatic staff from the
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade are seconded to manage this unit.
Principal Objectives:
To deepen and enhance dialogue across partners at a bilateral level in order to foster
closer ties with EU member states, so as to advance our interests at EU level.
At an international level, to enhance and deepen dialogue with Finance Ministries
outside the EU.
To act as a senior policy level liaison between the Department and the Department of
Foreign Affairs and our network of Embassies.
To develop policy on key EU issues, including strategy on the future of Economic and
Monetary Union.