COPsync Company Overview

COPsync, Inc. Company Overview
COPsync, Inc. (NASDAQ: COYND) was founded in August 2000 after an officer lost
his life during a traffic stop for a seatbelt violation. The investigation revealed that the
violator was a known threat to law enforcement, but that information was never
effectively disseminated.
Aiming to solve this issue, COPsync operates the COPsync Network, a real-time,
mobile data information system for U.S. law enforcement officers. Thanks to its unique
array of features, the COPsync Network can help to save lives, reduce unsolved crimes
and apprehend criminals. It gives officers the ability to compile and instantly share
information, such as real-time alerts for crimes in progress, to all other officers on the
network, regardless of what department they belong to. The system also gives officers
access to local, state and federal law enforcement databases. In addition, officers can
write tickets and send a range of reports electronically, and inform all officers on the
network of outstanding Texas Class C misdemeanor warrants. To date, the COPsync
Network has attracted over 600 customers in more than 200 counties within the State of
Texas. The New Hampshire State Police has become the first state highway patrol to
adopt the COPsync Network, in addition to adoption by law enforcement agencies in
Massachusetts, Mississippi and Louisiana. The COPsync Network has the ability to be
implemented quickly in any location across the U.S.
COPsync also offers the COPsync911 threat alert service for use in schools and other
potentially at-risk facilities with a high level of concern about security. When used in
schools, the COPsync911 service enables school personnel to automatically, instantly and
silently send emergency threat alerts directly to the closest law enforcement officers in
their patrol vehicles in the event of crisis, and to the local 9-1-1 dispatch center, with the
mere click of an icon, from any computer within the facility and from any cell phones
and other mobile devices associated with the facility—thereby protecting schools,
schoolchildren, employees and others. The COPsync911 alert is also sent to the cell
phones of all law enforcement officers in the area and to all school staff, alerting them of
imminent danger. To date, COPsync911 has been adopted by more than 600 public
schools in Texas, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The state
of New Hampshire has launched a new statewide school safety initiative, with the
COPsync911 threat alert system, to enhance school emergency notification systems
throughout the State of New Hampshire.
These services are augmented with COPsync’s in-vehicle, software-driven video system,
named VidTac, as well as COURTsync, which offers personnel safety and enhanced
court security with alerts that are broadcast to the closest officers, along with live silent
communication between officers and 9-1-1 dispatch, as well as a warrant clearing
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