HBS- Lesson 4 pgs 24-31
Vocabulary review
1. _____________ Starches are made up of chains of simple sugar
particles that are held together by ______________.
2. _____________ After the chemical bonds in the starch solution are
broken, the __________ can pass through the cell membrane.
3. __________ This is produced by three pairs of glands in the sides and
the back of the human mouth.
4. __________ An special protein produced by the body is an_________.
5. __________ This enzyme is found in Saliva and aids is the start of
chemical digestion.
6. __________ A ball of food found in the mouth after chewing begins.
7. ___________ This closes over the windpipe (trachea), to keep food
out, each time a human swallows.
8. ___________ This tube does not carry food but carries oxygen and
leads it toward the lungs.
9. ___________ The 2nd organ of the digestive system which is used to
transport food toward the stomach.
10. ___________ The muscular contractions in the esophagus that help
push food through the digestive system.
11. ___________ A ring of muscles, between organs, that help keep food
that has been swallowed going in one direction.
12. ___________ Front teeth that are used for cutting food
13. ___________ Eye teeth/fangs, used for shredding or tearing food.
14. ___________ Back teeth, used for grinding food
15. ___________ Back teeth, used for crushing food
saliva * sugar particles * chemical bonds * salivary amylase enzyme * bolus
* epiglottis * trachea * esophagus * Molars peristalsis * sphincters * incisors
* canines * Pre-molars
Part II. Write the answer to each question. (CS not necessary)
1. What is Amylase? What can you conclude about what an enzyme
An enzyme is
2. Why did we need to wait 5 minutes during the lab before you
performed the tests on starch solution and amylase mixture?
3. When did the starch solution test positive, sugar or starch?
4. When did the amylase/DW test positive, sugar or starch?
5. When did amylase and starch solution test positive, sugar or
6. Using the information from “Spies: Into the System”, list the
steps of digestion in order as they happen and give a brief
explanation of what happens.