Amylase practical – determination of optimal temperature

Amylase practical – determination of optimal temperature conditions.
Use starch, amylase, iodine, 5 temperatures.
Develop a colour chart to allow students to plot their preferred temperature against
enzyme activity (this will be a function of the colour).
Provide the students with the two extremes of temperature at which the amylase will
NOT work (cold and hot). Students are required to test (3 or 5) temperatures of their
choice, between these extremes. They choose the temperatures that they want to test
and ensure that their test is run at those levels for the time of their choice.
They need to show that the enzyme does not work at the extremes.
They will get graded colour values when they add the same amounts of iodine to the
starch/amylase mixture.
Need to develop a colour chart which will allow some sort of optical density measure
to be plotted against temperature. And that will produce a quantitative graph that will
allow students to plot an activity graph against temperature.