July 2013 Newsletter
From the Director-I believe that the warm
summery weather has finally arrived and is going to
stick around. We are doing lots of water play to
keep cool on these hot days. We also have been
doing lots of outside play as well.
Miss Karen
Dates to Remember in July
4- CAL closed Independence
Day holiday
Toddlers-Wow, we did it!!
Nursery 2 –Happy 4th of July!
Summer is here
and it has been quite warm. We have played in the
water outside a few times already, them really like it.
Please be sure your child has a bathing suit and
water shoes or an extra outfit and an old pair of
shoes. Also, please check the outfits in the cubbies
because some of them are getting small. Thanks.
This month our unit is “Beginning with B”. We will
be outside with water and Buckets and Blowing
Bubbles in the wind, giving our Baby dolls Baths,
and playing catch with Balls. We will also be
dancing (or should I say Bouncing) around the room
to the sound of Bells and other instruments.
Our move to Nursery 2 went very well. There is
more room for us to do and learn. We have only
been here a couple of weeks and everyone seems to
be more independent. Aubrey is our little teacher
and loves to play, Tori is taking her first steps and
becoming the social butterfly, Nicole is crawling and
exploring everything and Gina is rocking on her
hands and knees and always smiling.
Happy 4th of July
Miss Dawn
We moved into the
Toddler room. We are beginning to slowly adjust to
our new schedule and routines! We still have some
work to do but were getting there! We have lots of
cool things going on and we are all very excited. We
finally get to spend some time outdoors playing in
the yard. Water play seems to be a favorite! Please
remember only sneakers and water shoes are
allowed, NO SANDLES Please.
This month we will be discussing “Insects in Our
World”. Week one is Lady Bugs. We will be talking
about lady bugs, painting red and black and even
make lady bug cupcakes! Week two will be all about
caterpillars and butterflies. We will be on a hunt to
find some in the backyard using the nets. Week
three is Wonderful Worms. We will be making our
sand box into a muddy, fun table. We will be eating
“Dirt” cups with worms, gummy of course and we will
paint with real worms. Week four is all
about……Spiders and ants. Itsy Bitsy and making
finger ants, phew how crazy and bug infested this
month is.
If you have any questions comments or concerns
please feel free to see me
Happy 4th,
Miss Tina
July 2013 Newsletter
If there is anything specifically that you would like
your child to work on or brush up on for summer
please let us know.
Miss Kelsea and Miss Karen
Preschool –Happy Independence Day!
I hope
everyone enjoys their holiday. Stay safe and cool. If
you happen to go camping, please send in pictures
to share with the class. This month we’ll be
discussing all the fun things we do in summer.
The beach forecast calls for SUNSHINE! We’ll
begin July with a wave of learning excitement when
we introduce this cross- curricular beach unit! We’ll
discuss our beach experiences, play beach balls
& build sand castles!
After “beach in” it we’ll pack up and a camping we
will go. Load up your backpacks, strap on your
hiking boots and grab your trail mix for a fun-filled
curricular camping excursion. We’ll set up camp in
our drama center and set out for some trailblazing
learning adventures. Get packing!
Lastly, we’ll conclude July with some wacky
watermelon fun. The heat is on! And there is no
better way to cool down on a hot summer day than
to get wet and eat some watermelon…. We’ll be
getting wet in a world wind of different ways from our
water table to working at the car wash in our tot lot.
Hoises, a pocket full of posies. Water water, we all
get wet! We will also discuss characteristics of a
watermelon, count the seeds and learn about
Our transition into our new rooms has been
delightful! Everyone is progressing well. I think this
will be an awesome summer.
Excited about the 4th,
Miss Bailey
School-Age- Finally School is over.
The kids
are all glad and excited for this summer to start. The
summer program has a ton of fun things to do. Each
week has a different theme with different activities to
do. We will be doing arts and crafts, cooking, and
even showing some of our talents off. If anything will
be needed for the upcoming weeks myself or Miss
Kelsea will put out a letter.
Just like the rest of the center, the school agers
need water shoes, bathing suits, sunscreen and a
towel to play in the water.

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