Treasurer job description


2015 WiN-Canada Election - Treasurer Role Document

Duties and Responsibilities of EACH member on the Board of WiN-Canada:  Exercise good judgment, act with integrity and demonstrate high ethical standards  Use her or his abilities, experience and influence fully and constructively        Be an active participant on the Board, sharing their experience and time Respect confidentiality Advise the Board of any potential conflict areas Advise the President/Board of any changes in circumstances that might affect the member’s ability to function effectively as a member of the Board Maintain an excellent attendance record of Board meetings and special events and come prepared to the meetings Participate fully and frankly in the deliberations and discussions of the Board and speak as one voice after the Board has taken a decision Be an effective ambassador and representative of WiN

Additional Duties and Responsibilities Specific to the Treasurer:

   Monitor the financial activities of WiN Canada Ensure that complete and accurate records are kept of all WiN Canada's financial activities Approve, along with the President, all financial commitments and disbursements made on behalf of WiN Canada    Provide support to the Executive Director in the preparation of WiN Canada's budget Regularly report to the WiN Canada board the financial position of the organization Ensure WiN Canada's financial statements are audited annually

Term of Appointment:

2 years

Time Commitment:

On average, approximately 2-4 hours/month (not including attendance at conferences, other events) REQUIRED COMPETENCIES

General Competencies:

applicable to all board members: 1.

Communication: Listens, processes and understands what others say and can clearly get her / his message across. 2.






Managing Conflict: Works through conflicts with people to seek resolution. Creativity and Initiative: Goes beyond current thinking to seek new perspectives and different, effective ways to meet board and organizational goals. Performance: Concentrates on activities necessary to achieve board and organizational goals. Managing Change: Feedback: Makes the ongoing change process as engaging, effective and positive as possible. Objectively acknowledges own mistakes, learns from them and acts to correct them. Time Management: Continuously works toward goals in a focused manner to meet agreed deadlines 8.


Decision-Making: Environment: Supports decisions made by the board. Creates a healthy board environment through example. 10.

Board Participation: Participates co-operatively as part of an integrated group towards a central goal. 11.

Ethics and Values

: Acts in line with an appropriate and effective set of core values and beliefs during both good and bad times.

Specific Competencies: applicable to the position of Treasurer: 1.



Accounting/Finance: Legal: Ensures financial integrity of WiN Canada Ensures the organization operates with cost effective and efficient administrative methods and systems and within policy standards and external standards required by law. Education/Experience: Accounting/Finance degree or related experience preferred

Nomination Form for the candidates to the position of WiN-Canada Treasurer DATE: (Deadline: February 20, 2015)

NOMINEE (Contact information)

Name: Company or Institutional Affiliation: Title or Position: Address: Telephone: E mail: WiN Chapter Affiliation: Attachments: 1. Curriculum Vitae - 8 ½ ’’ by 11’’ One Page 2. Contribution to WiN up to now, less than 500 words 3. Your vision for WiN-Canada, less than 1000 words

NOMINATOR (Contact information) – must be a WiN-Canada member

Name: Fax: Company or Institutional Affiliation: Title or position: Address: Telephone: Email: WiN Chapter Affiliation: Fax: Send the nomination form and supporting documents by February 20, 2015 to: [email protected]

Or by post to: WiN-Canada 3-35 Stone Church Road, Suite 179 Ancaster, ON Canada L9K 1S5