Courses for Undecided Students

Courses for Deciding Students
These courses have been recommended as intro classes that any student can take
Applied Science and Recreation
Liberal Arts and Nursing
Adventure Recreation
-PRKM 110 or 130
Golf Course Operations
-TURF 100, LDCT 100
-HORT 100 or 120
Landscape Design and Management
-HORT 100 (guest speakers, career info)
Park and Outdoor Recreation
-PRKM 110 or 130
Physical Education Studies
-PEDH 126, PEDH 155, PEDH 210
Recreation and Sports Management
-PRKM 110 or 130
Turf Management
-TURF 100, LDCT 100, HORT 100
Veterinary Science
-VETS 120 (For the fall, since the
spring course is on the internet)
Liberal Arts and Sciences
-Many classes count
Criminal Justice Studies
-CJUS 100
Teacher Education Transfer
-Closed during fall semester due to
lack of seats, possible in spring
-EDUC 100 & EDUC 101
Environmental Studies
-BIOL 130, 140, 150, 110
-Students must pass Math 128,
ENGL 100, BIOL 130; they also need a
3.0 overall and to have earned 12
credits during their first semester
-ACCT 115
Business Administration A.A.S.
-BUSI 100 or 110
Business Administration A.S.
-ACCT 115, BUSI 245, ECON
Computer Information Systems
-CITA 110, 120 or 130
-BUSI 245, 100 or 110
Architectural Technology
-AECT 100
Automotive Technology
-CARP 101
CADD (computer aided drafting and design)
-EGSC 115 or CADD 111 and 130
Construction Technology
-AECT 100
Electrical (Electrical Construction and Instrumentation)
HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning)
Welding Technology
-WELD 100
Hosp 130 (Menu Planning)
Hosp 135 (Sanitation)
TRVL 170 (Tourism)
Intro to Hospitality-a course being
developed that will cover areas of
Hospitality (Hotel, Culinary, Restaurant
and Travel)
Updated 01-15-2010 JS