Standard II. Learner-Centered Program Leadership and Management

Standard II. Learner-Centered
Program Leadership and
Goal: To demonstrate effective school library
program leadership and management
throughout the school, the district, and in
local, state, and national activities and
Principle I
 Involve school and community library patrons in
the design, implementation, and promotion of a
dynamic library program reflecting the unique
population of the school
 Spearhead the development of school needs and
continuing professional education through school,
district, and student advisory groups through
different channels of communication such as focus
groups, listservs, and electronic bulletin boards
Principle 2: Organizing and Staffing
 Due to the varying sizes of schools within the
school district, staffing is an area that must be
addressed yearly as population changes
 From Below Standards the library is open less
than 5 hours, and at Exemplary Standards the
library is open a minimum of 12 hours before and
after school and/or weekends
 Staffing requires librarian with library certfication
Principle 3: Budget/Funding
 Recommendation is $19.18 X ADA X 1 for
Below and Acceptable Standards
 Recognized is $19.18 X ADA X 1.25
 Exemplary is $ 19.18 X ADA X 1.50
Principle 4:
 Annual Report of Library Program
▪ Library Collection
▪ On-line Resources
▪ Student Achievement
 In accordance with the strategies for
librarians, the output measures, and
outcome measures as described in the
library standards