PTO Preliminary Budget Meeting: 8-23-06

Woodland School PTO
May 5, 2008
President Caryn Mefford thanked participants for coming and called the meeting to
Secretary’s Report: Secretary Jill Thompson distributed copies of the minutes from
the last PTO Meeting dated April 7th, 2008. Lora Wagner made a motion to accept the
minutes as written, and Michael Rockwell and Diane Busch seconded the motion.
Motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report: JoAnne Morse and Lesley Roderick presented the Treasurer’s
Report dated April 30, 2008. The statement balance on that date was $29,758.30, with
an available balance of $23,915.50. They reviewed the monthly income and expense
items. JoAnne noted that bananas were purchased for the second time for the 4 th
Grade Health Fair. This was due to the Health Fair being rescheduled due to a snow
day. Lora Wagner reported that she is collecting the receipts from teachers for the 4th
Grade Curriculum expenses for this year. She will submit them to the PTO shortly.
Lesley noted that the cutoff day for expense receipts will be May 16th. Please try to
submit all Funds Requests by that day. Diane Busch made a motion to accept the
Treasurer’s Report and Lora Wagner seconded the motion. Motion carried.
Principal’s Report: Principal Nancy Spina thanked the PTO for a fantastic year at
Woodland Elementary. Thanks to the PTO for 11 great years while she has been the
school’s principal! She noted that the students will be busy until year end with the
following activities:
 A fundraiser on Friday, May 9th at Edwardsville High School For the
Edwardsville Senior Center
 Illinois Day for the 3rd Grade on May 9th
 5th Grade Field Day on May 29th
 4th Grade Field Day on May 30th
 Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon will be held on May 22 nd
 Last day of school on June 2nd
Ms. Spina noted that the PTO financial books should be closed by June 2nd in order to
be ready for the audit provided by the District (which is planned for the week of July
7th). JoAnne noted that she would call Hadley House to discuss this date due to the
fact that we will not receive our bank statement until June 10th.
The PTO thanked Ms. Spina heartily for all of her hard work and dedication to
Woodland Elementary over the years.
Committee Reports:
Book Fair - Caryn Mefford reported that the Spring Book Fair will be held May 13-16th.
It is a Buy One, Get One FREE Book Fair.
Accelerated Reader – Vickie Maxwell reported that the last AR Store will be held May
12-14th. The AR lunch menu will include pizza at the students request. Vickie reported
that the AR Program should be in good shape for next year with a new committee
chairperson and many returning volunteers.
Registration – Linda Robert reported that Registration will be on July 30th from 12 –
7:30pm. She has sent home a form looking for parent volunteers who will be
remaining at Woodland School next year. She plans to deliver a schedule before year
Staff Appreciation – Caryn Mefford reported that the final Staff Appreciation
Luncheon will be held on May 14th.
Old Business: Caryn Mefford reported that the Library Enrichment Project cannot be
completed during the summer as had been originally planned. This is due to District
plans and schedules for the school over the summer. The project will be completed in
the fall instead. Caryn Mefford also noted that the PTO made the contribution of $100
in memory of Vickie DeGiacinto last month. Finally, Caryn Mefford reported that the
new AR tests have been ordered. They will be ready for the students next year.
New Business: Caryn Mefford read a thank you card Mrs. Brunworth sent to the
PTO. She also honored two board members who will be leaving Woodland School
next year: Treasurer JoAnne Morse and Vice President Vickie Maxwell. Caryn
thanked JoAnne and Vickie for all of their hard work and dedication to Woodland
Elementary School. They will be missed!
Caryn Mefford noted that this is the last PTO Meeting of the year. The next PTO
(budget and planning) meeting will be held August, 2008 in the Conference Room.
The exact date is to be decided. It will be posted on the website when available. The
first day of school will be August 19, 2008 (half day).
Stella Hartwick motioned to adjourn the meeting. Vickie Maxwell seconded the motion.
Motion carried.