Environmental Compliance Course Outline

Course Outline
 Course Description and Objectives
Unit I: Agency Partners in Environmental Compliance
 Definitions
 Distinguishing Between Regulatory Agencies and Cooperating Agencies or
 Working with Agency Partners
Unit II: The Permits
 Identifying the Permittee
 Types of Permits and Issuers
Unit III: Special Conditions
 Special Conditions
Unit IV: Working with Contractors for Environmental Compliance
 The Pre-Construction Conference
 Inspector Responsibilities
 Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan
 Working with Contractors for Compliance and Cost Containment
Unit V: Waste and Fill Policies
 Fill Guidance
 Inspector Responsibilities and EDD (Environmental Due Diligence)
Unit IV: Partnering with the Community
 Department Philosophy
 Community-Specific and Stakeholder Considerations
 Burning
 Encountering Private Groups
 Regulatory and Cooperating Agencies
 Checklist of Special Conditions
 Reading a Permit
 POM – Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control
 POM – Cultural Resources
 POM – Wetlands
 POM – Hazardous Wastes
Environmental Compliance
Course Outline
Page 2
POM – Hazardous Waste Manifests
POM – Underground Storage Tanks
Strike-Off Letter on Fill Guidelines
Management of Fill Questions and Answers
Strike-Off Letter on Environmental Due Diligence
Flow of Communication and Support
POM – Open Burning