Application form for Conservation support

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Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Conservation Funding and Research Collaboration Proposal
About WRS
Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) is the parent company of award-winning attractions Jurong Bird Park,
Night Safari, Singapore Zoo and the River Safari. WRS parks strive to be world-class leisure attractions,
providing excellent exhibits of animals presented in their natural environment for the purpose of
conservation, education and recreation.
WRS is proud to partner with many local and international institutions including scientific institutions,
universities, government bodies, non-government organisations, other zoological institutions as well as
nature interest groups. Through such collaborations, WRS has contributed to successful wildlife
conservation projects within Singapore, the Southeast Asian Region and globally.
Objectives for WRS conservation and research efforts and support:
To contribute to the protection of threatened species in their native habitats by funding local and
regional conservation and research projects.
To conduct research that can help develop better tools and strategies for the management of
captive wild animal populations and that will benefit conservation strategy planning for species in
their native habitats
To collaborate with likeminded organisations such as other zoos, NGOs, government agencies,
academic institutions and nature interest groups to ensure the best possible conservation outcomes
for the species or environment of concern.
To help building local and regional conservation capacity through professional training courses,
workshops and consultancy services.
To encourage and foster sustainable and ethical behaviours towards animals and nature through
engaging and innovative conservation out-reach programs.
In your proposal please address the following support criteria:
Project is consistent with the WRS Conservation and Research objectives
Project has a direct and positive impact on the survival of a threatened species
Project is feasible and has high probability of success
Project contributes to capacity building, education, outreach and takes into account human needs
Project maximizes opportunities for WRS-staff involvement
WRS Project ID: ______________
Preference is given to projects related to species found in the Southeast Asian Region as well as
those represented in the WRS animal collection and wherein, through the proposed conservation
effort, a direct In-situ/Ex-situ link can be accomplished.
How to apply:
Submit an electronic proposal to Dr Sonja Luz (Director of Research, Conservation and Professional
Training): following the format outlined.
For conservation project funding support:
Funding support below S$ 5.000: Proposal submission possible all year
Funding support above S$ 5.000: Proposal submission by November of each calendar year.
For funding support relating to projects on native Singapore wildlife please consider applying for the Wildlife
Reserves Conservation Fund (WRSCF) at
(1) The applicant should fill out this form including all of the applicable appendices.
(2) The application should be typewritten in English in 12pt Courier or Times Roman font.
(3) Please follow instructions on the minimum word count and/or number of pages.
(4) The WRS Conservation/Research Panel may request for additional information.
(5) For progress or final reports please use Appendix.
Part I – Overview
A. Title of project
B. Project Location
C. Personal data
Name in full
Institutional affiliation
Date of birth
Contact Information
Expected duration of project (with start and end dates):
Part II – Project Details
A. Summary of proposed project: At least 300 words
B. Details of project: 3-4 pages (excl. pictures) stating Goals and Objectives, Methods, Expected results
and conservation out-puts. To clearly address the support criteria 1-5.
Applicant Signature:
WRS Project ID: ______________
Part III: Nature of proposal (Please fill those sections applicable to your request)
a. Conservation Project Funding: Complete Section A below
b. Research collaboration involving WRS collection: Complete Section B below
c. Biomaterial Samples: Complete Section C below
d. Others: Please explain here
Part IV: Acknowledgment and communication
(1) How will WRS be acknowledged:
i.e. logo placement, publication, co-authorship, signage at project site etc.
(2) What materials can be provided to WRS to communicate on project activities and results:
i.e. scientific publication, education materials, posters, presentation to WRS staff or public etc.
Part V: Conservation and Research impact
Describe in 1-2 sentences the direct impact this project has on the enhancement of health, welfare
and care of wildlife species in captivity and/or the improvement of the long-term survivability of wildlife
species in their native habitats
Part VI: Terms and conditions of Conservation & Research Assistance/ Applicant Declaration
(Any assistance by WRS extended to the recipient shall be governed by the following terms and
1. Use of funds or other forms of assistance
Monetary funds or other forms of aid must be used for the agreed purpose only as
described in the project proposal.
Funds must be managed by the researcher or project manager named in the
Detailed accounts must be kept and made available for inspection at WRS request.
WRS must be notified of any changes in funding requirements, staff and
equipment, length of study, scope of the project etc.
The researcher or project manager must provide adequate contact details at all
2. Funding procedure
Funds will be made available via direct transfer (from one bank account to
Funds will be transferred progressively at pre-agreed intervals.
WRS must have acknowledgement of receipt of all funds.
3. Progress reports and use of results
Updates and current results of the project are to be sent to WRS every six (6)
months (from the commencement of project) for the entire duration of the funded
project (for progress reports please use the format provided in the appendix).
A copy of the final manuscript is to be made available to WRS for retention (for final
report please use the format provided in the appendix).
The publication of all reports, articles, etc. relating to the funded project must
include acknowledgement of funding or aid, partial or in full, by WRS. Coauthorship of any WRS staff for papers to be published in peer-reviewed journals (if
Applicant Signature:
WRS Project ID: ______________
appropriate), will be reviewed and agreed at the discretion of WRS’ Management
including Head of Conservation & Research.
The results of the study or project may be made available to the public,
international zoo and/or scientific community.
The final manuscript may be made available to the public through the WRS website
or other medium with due acknowledgement to the researcher.
The researcher or project representative may be requested to give one or more
presentations to WRS and/or members of relevant community.
Unless stated otherwise and subject always to clause 3.9 below, the ownership of
the works, and responsibility for its identification, protection and management vests
with the researcher. The researcher hereby grants to WRS, an irrevocable, nonexclusive, royalty-free right and license in all countries of the world and in
perpetuity, to use, adapt and/or exploit the works for any purpose and in any way it
sees fit including enabling WRS to use, archive, preserve and disseminate the
The researcher is to notify WRS of any commercial exploitation arising from the
results of the funded project, in which case, a different set of conditions may be
subjected, including without limitation conditions setting out joint ownership of
Intellectual Property Rights between the researcher and WRS and/or the
percentage in the proceeds of the commercial exploitation which WRS is to be
entitled to.
4. General
WRS may cease funding immediately without further obligation in the event any of
the conditions herein have not been complied with or remedied within thirty (30)
calendar days of being requested to do so. If termination of funding occurs, WRS
reserves the right to recover funds in part or full and/or all rights in any works
created by the researcher as a result of the funding.
WRS reserves the right to amend these conditions at its absolute discretion. Any
change will be notified in writing to the researcher and/or on WRS’ website.
These conditions shall be governed by the laws of Singapore. All disputes or
differences relating to the assistance and these conditions will be subject to the
exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.
Acceptance of conditions of assistance from WRS
I, __________________________________, having requested assistance from the
Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) for a research and/or conservation project as set out in
this application documents, have read and accept the conditions for provision of assistance
from WRS, and agree to comply with them.
Applicant Signature:
WRS Project ID: ______________
Section A: Conservation Project Funding
Budget information
Total budget needed for project:
Amount requested from WRS:
Declaration of other funding support and collaborators in this project (if any):
Itemized budget and justification for funds requested from WRS
Funding support below S$ 5.000: Proposal submission possible all year
Funding support above S$ 5.000: Proposal submission by November of each calendar year.
For funding support relating to projects on native Singapore wildlife please consider applying for the
Wildlife Reserves Conservation Fund (WRSCF) at
For disbursement purposes
Name of Account holder:
Bank account no.:
Account type:
Bank name:
Bank address:
Applicant Signature:
WRS Project ID: ______________
Section B: Research collaboration involving WRS collection
Please be very specific in regards to what is needed from WRS (i.e. budget, equipment, man-power,
facilities, quantities, frequencies etc.)
Section C: Biomaterial request
Sample details
Sample type:
Frequency of collection:
Collection timeline:
Expected outcome:
Potential commercial application:
Collection protocol
Extraction/collection method:
Specialized equipment/tools
Storage containers/buffers:
Storage condition/maximum
storage duration:
Please state whether
containers/buffers will be provided
by or requested from WRS:
Delivery/pickup method:
Shipment protocol (if applicable)
Package type:
Packaging medium:
Shipping medium:
Please state whether shipment
costs will be covered by or
requested from WRS:
Applicant Signature:
WRS Project ID: ______________
Appendix: Guideline for project progress (or final) report
Applicant details
Email address:
Phone/Fax number:
Project /Fund details
Location of project:
Total amount of approved funds:
Date and amount of last received
Type of report
(Final project report or project
progress report)
Project summary
Not less than 300 Words
Project progress/results and
conservation achievement over
the last funding period
Not less than 4 pages (excl. Pictures)
Please include pictures. Please also provide hi resolution
photographs (300dpi preferred) separately which can be used by
WRS in our communications.
Please list / describe how the
funds were used
Please list all reports or
communication tools in which
WRS has been or will be
acknowledged in
Publications, Public Talks, Web-sites, Events, Signage
Other information you would like
to share
Applicant Signature: