Integer Capture Rules

Integer Capture Rules
Materials: Deck of Integer Cards (2 cards each of the integers -15 to
15 with or without the 2 wildcards), Integer Capture Game Board,
game markers for each player (2-color chips)
Players: 2
Goal: Capture 4 integers in a row. (The goal can be modified to
capture 3 in a row or 4 in any way as long as they touch)
1. Deal out 5 cards to each player. Turn the remaining cards face
down in the center of the table.
2. Take turns.
3. When it is your turn, use 2 or more cards and any combination
of operations (add, subtract, multiply, and/or divide) to create
an expression that names one of the integers on the board.
Say and/or write the problem and place one of your markers on
that integer.
4. The other players can challenge your problem. If they are
correct, you must remove your marker and lose that turn.
5. Replace the cards that you used with cards from the remaining
6. Once an integer has been captured, it cannot be captured
7. Options: a wild card will let you remove one of an opponent’s
8. The first player to capture 4 integers in a row (horizontally,
vertically, or diagonally) wins.
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