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Let’s Get Started
To help you find the information you need quickly, use the Scavenger
Hunt below to learn where things are located in each chapter.
1. What is the title of Chapter 1? Expressions, Equations, and Functions
2. List the New Vocabulary words in lesson 1-3.
equivalent expressions, additive identity, multiplicative identity,
multiplicative inverse, reciprocal
3. How can you tell what you’ll learn in Lesson 1-1?
The Now section in the left margin on the first page of the lesson.
4. How many examples are presented in Lesson 1-1? 3
5. If there are 4 examples in a lesson, how many extra examples are there on
the Web site? 4
6. There is a Real-World Career featured in Lesson 1-1. What is the career?
Sports Marketing
7. Suppose you are doing your homework on page 19 and you get stuck on
Exercise 16. Where could you find help?
Sample answer: I can look at Example 2 on page 18.
8. What is the key concept in Lesson 1-4? Distributive Property
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9. What is the Web address that would allow you to take a self-check quiz to
be sure that you understand the lesson?
10. In Lesson 1-7, what are the Study Tips about in this lesson?
Vertical Line Test and Function Notation
11. What is the title of the Algebra Lab that extends Lesson 1-8? Sets
12. On what pages will you find the Study Guide and Review for Chapter 1?
pages 62-66
13. Suppose you need to practice more problem solving exercises for
Chapter 1. Where could you find more? Mixed Problem Solving, page 845
14. The Standardized Test Practice on page 70 includes questions to help
you prepare for standardized tests. What type of questions are these?
multiple-choice, short response/gridded response, and extended response
15. To which question does the Test-Taking Tip on page 70 refer?
Question 2
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