Everyday Math Unit One: Key Concepts

Parents: The information below contains Unit 2 key concepts and vocabulary
that will be tested in the next few days. Please refer to the Student
Reference Book (SRB) for a detailed description of the terms and the Unit 2
Family Newsletter for further review. Students may also refer to completed
Study Links as an additional resource for skill review.
Everyday Math Unit Two: Key Concepts
Translate between standard and number-and-word notations.
Translate between standard, exponential, and scientific notations.
Multiply by positive and negative powers of 10.
Add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals.
standard notation
scientific notation
number-and-word notation
exponential notation
negative power of 10
positive power of 10
It may be helpful to refer to pages 5-8, 29, 31-33, 35-45, 311, 331 and the
Glossary in the Student Reference Book (SRB) for detailed descriptions of the
terms and concepts above. The test requires application of vocabulary
knowledge rather than matching the term to its definition.
Special notes:
Test will be ____________________________
Gr. 6