Pre-Algebra Course Description

Pre-Algebra Course Description
Pre-Algebra Course:
The Pre-Algebra course is an introduction to basic algebra concepts and
a review of arithmetic algorithms. The course is designed to help
students overcome weakness in preparation in mathematics,
emphasizing the concepts necessary to be successful in Algebra I and II.
The course helps student to develop good mathematical study skills and
learning strategies as an integral part of this course. The course begins
with a brief review of the number system and operations with whole
numbers, fractions, decimal, positive and negative numbers. Eventually
covering rational and linear exponents, ratios, proportions and
percentage; solving simple and complex equations with one variable.
Learning Objectives
To develop mathematical skills which may be utilized in other high
school and college courses.
To develop mathematical skills necessary to enter subsequent
mathematics courses.
To develop problem solving skills applied in everyday life.
Perform basic operations of numbers: adding, subtracting,
multiplying, dividing
Apply problem-solving skills to every day problems.
Solve basic algebraic equations.
Organize information into workable material.
Determine the place name and place value of each digit in a whole
number; round given whole numbers to a given place value; read
and write whole numbers in words.
Perform the four basic operations of addition, subtraction,
multiplication, and division on whole numbers, integers, fractions,
mixed numbers, and decimal numbers.
Evaluate, collect like terms, and simplify algebraic expressions.
Solve linear equations and application problems.
Write products in exponential notation, and evaluate exponentials
Simplify expressions containing exponents; use order of operations
to simplify expressions.
Find the multiples, divisibility, and factors of composite numbers;
find the least common multiple and greatest common factor of two
or more numbers.
Reduce fractions to lowest terms; convert fractions to decimals and
decimals to fractions; convert improper fractions to mixed numbers
and mixed numbers to improper fractions.
Find the ratio of two quantities in fraction notation, write rates as a
ratio of two different measures, solve proportions, and solve
application problems.
Rewrite percents in fractional or decimal form; rewrite fractions
and decimals as percents; solve percent equations.
Convert units of length, weight, capacity, and energy within the
Metric System and the English System of measurement; perform
arithmetic operations with the measurements; solve application
Find the perimeter or circumference of a geometric figure.
Find the area of rectangles, squares, parallelograms, triangles,
circles, and composite figures.
Find the volume of solids and composite geometric solids.
Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the unknown side of a right
triangle; solve problems.
Solve similar triangles and application problems.
Translate verbal expressions and sentences into mathematical
expressions; solve problems.
Incorporate knowledge of issues relevant to global education.
Assess student growth in course subject matter.
Success in this course requires a willingness to work and complete all
homework assignments.
Lots of Fun!!