Pre-algebra - Unit V – Multiplication


Pre-algebra - Unit V – Study Guide


Properties and Vocabulary  In addition to ALL previously learned properties, you should know the following multiplication properties: the commutative property, the associative property, the DPMA/S, the identity property, the zero product property, and the inverse property for integers.  Be able to identify the property being used in equations.  Be able to create examples of specified properties.  Use the properties when simplifying, solving, and/or evaluating. II.


Fractions  Be able to simplify, solve, and/or evaluate equations with fractions.  Be able to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions. Decimals  Be able to simplify, solve, and/or evaluate equations with decimal numbers. IV.


Integers  Be able to follow rules for positive and negative numbers, variables, and fractions. Rate Factor  Be able to solve simple problems using rate factors.  Be able to cancel units as well as numbers. VI.

Scale  Be able to apply a scale factor or magnitude change to both shapes (graphing as needed) and amounts. VII.

Variables  Be able to multiply variables.  Be able to simplify a power of a power.  Be able to simplify variables with coefficients. VIII.

Distributive Property  Be able to simplify expressions and evaluate equations which include DPMA and DPMS. IX.

Word Problems  Be able to translate, and solve word problems using multiplication.