Senate Members - Villanova University

ADMINISTRATION – 13 Members (One-year term)
Ms. Ann E. Diebold, Vice President, Communications
Tolentine 101, Ext. 93820, [email protected]
Rev. Kail C. Ellis, O.S.A., ex officio, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Tolentine 103, Ext. 94521, [email protected]
Dr. M. Louise Fitzpatrick, Dean, College of Nursing
Driscoll Hall, Ext. 94909, [email protected]
Mr. Stephen Fugale, Vice President for Technology and Chief Information Officer
TSB 200B, Ext. 94402, [email protected]
Dr. Gary A, Gabriele, Dean, College of Engineering
CEER 310, Ext. 95860, [email protected]
Dr. Adele Lindenmeyr, Dean, Graduate Studies, A&S
Kennedy 2nd fl., Ext. 94660, [email protected]
Dr. Jean Ann Linney, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
SAC 105, Ext. 94606, [email protected]
Dr. Patrick G. Maggitti, Dean, Villanova School of Business
Bartley 1045, Ext. 94331, [email protected]
Ms. Debra Fickler, J.D., ex officio, Vice President and General Counsel
Tolentine 206, Ext. 97857, [email protected]
Mr. Vincent Nicastro, Director of Athletics
JNF-2nd, Ext. 94110, [email protected]
Rev. John P. Stack, O.S.A., ex officio, Vice President for Student Life
Dougherty 202, Ext. 94550, [email protected]
Mr. Kenneth G. Valosky, ex officio, Vice President for Administration and Finance
Tolentine 110, Ext. 94532, [email protected]
Dr. Barbara E. Wall, ex officio, Vice President for Mission and Ministry
Corr Hall 126B, Ext. 95431, [email protected]
FACULTY - 14 Members (Two-year term)
Dr. Wayne Bremser, Accountancy
Bartley 3017, Ext. 94314, [email protected]
Dr. Mary Ann Cantrell, Nursing
Driscoll Hall, Ext. 96829, [email protected]
Dr. Jerusha Conner, Education and Counseling
SAC 359, Ext. 3083, [email protected]
Dr. Edwin Goff, Philosophy/Honors
Philosophy Dept., Ext. 94652, [email protected]
Dr. Christopher Kilby, Economics
Bartley 2006, Ext. 94324, [email protected]
Dr. Julie Klein, Philosophy
SAC 175, Ext. 95177, [email protected]
Dr. Sarvesh Kulkarni, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Tolentine 431A, Ext. 96533, [email protected]
Dr. Mi (Meg) Luo, Finance
Bartley 1054, Ext. 97469, [email protected]
Dr. Michael Risch, Law
Law School 234, Ext. 96836, [email protected]
Dr. Donna Shai, Sociology
SAC 283, Ext. 97434, [email protected]
Dr. Robert Styer, Mathematics and Statistics, Chairperson
SAC 372, Ext. 94845, [email protected]
Dr. Thomas Way, Computing Sciences
Mendel 160A, Ext. 95033, [email protected]
Dr. Kenneth Kroos, Mechanical Engineering
Tolentine 131, Ext. 97309, [email protected]
Dr. Kelly Welch, Ex-officio, Criminology
SAC 204, Ext. 97048, [email protected]
STUDENTS - 14 Members (One-year term)
Ms. Laura Boisclair ’14 EGR
[email protected]
Mr. Joseph Brady ’15 VSB
[email protected]
Mr. Ryan Gatti ’14 VSB
[email protected]
Ms. Lourdes Carreras-Ortiz ’14 AR
[email protected]
Ms. Meredith Gallagher ’14 AR
Executive Secretary
[email protected]
Yannis Koukounas ’14 SCI
[email protected]
Ms. Erin Conner ’14 NUR
[email protected]
Mr. Thomas Soussou
President, SGA
[email protected]
Mr. Aaron Moore ’14 AR
[email protected]
Mr. Robert Stover ’15 VSB
[email protected]
Meghan Price, LAW
[email protected]
Ms. Caitlyn Sell ‘15
[email protected]
ALUMNI – 4 Members (Two-year term)
Ms. Katrina Ercole ’86
President, VUAA
[email protected]
Mr. Richard Travia ’03
[email protected]
Mr. John J. Murray ’65
[email protected]
Mrs. Selma Koury-Wunderlich ’58 ex-officio (representing the President of the
Alumni Association
[email protected]
STAFF - 4 Members (Two-year term)
Ms. Allison Venella, Athletics
University Staff Council, Chair
ex officio
JNF , Ext. 96569, [email protected]
Ms. Gayle Doyle, Engineering
University Staff Council, Vice Chair
ex officio
Ceer, Ext. 97582, [email protected]
Ms. Katherine Le Grande
JNF, Ext. 94163, [email protected]
Ms. Carmela Migliarino, Admissions
Austin, 1st Fl., Ext. 94007, [email protected]