Medical Laboratory Science Program
Stevenson University
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Information for Admission: Graduates with a BS Degree
2nd BS in Medical Laboratory Science
This application is for students who already have a bachelor’s degree and wish to apply for admission
to the Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) program for a second BS degree in Medical Laboratory
Science. Applying for admission to Stevenson University is a separate process from applying to the
MLS program.
To apply to the MLS program: Student must have completed or be currently enrolled in the
prerequisite courses listed below at the time of application to the MLS program.
If student has completed or currently enrolled in the prerequisite coursework below, applications
to the University and to the MLS Program may be submitted concurrently. Please note: The
University needs enough time to act on your application for admission to the University prior to
consideration by the MLS Admissions Committee.
A complete Application for Admission, including personal statement, 2 recommendations, official
transcripts and Courses in Progress Form (if applicable) must be received no later than March 1.
Incomplete file will not be processed.
For a complete description of the admission requirements for the University and to the Medical
Laboratory Science Program go to
Pre-requisite Courses
Human Anatomy & Physiology
College Algebra
General Chemistry I & II
Organic Chemistry I & II
OR Org Chemistry I & Biochemistry
Application. MLS. 2nd BS. rev. 7-9-2014
Medical Laboratory Science Program
Instructions to Apply for Admission:
2nd BS in Medical Laboratory Science
To the Applicant:
The Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) Program accepts only 10 students per class to continue into the
junior year of the Medical Laboratory Science major. Selection is determined by the Medical Laboratory
Science Admissions Committee. Applicants are then notified of the committee’s decision in writing prior
to the date of pre-registration for the fall semester.
Admission Criteria
Consideration for admission to the MLS program is based on the following criteria:
 Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 (scale of 4.0) in all University work attempted;
 Grade of “C” or better in all prerequisite courses in chemistry, biological sciences and mathematics;
 Completion of at least 60 credit hours, including prerequisite courses in biology, chemistry and
mathematics by the start of the fall semester of the junior year in the program; and
 Ability to meet published non-academic Essential Functions (see below).
Non-Academic Essential Functions
In order to participate in the program, students must be able to comply with program-designated Essential
Functions. The Essential Functions are the non-academic requirements of the program comprising the
physical, emotional and professional demands of the medical laboratory scientist. To ensure that the
decision to pursue a career in Medical Laboratory Science is the correct one for the individual student,
each applicant is asked to determine if they are able to comply with all of the Essential Functions listed
The Medical Laboratory Science student must be able to:
Possess visual acuity sufficient to:
a. Differentiate colors and color changes in the performance of laboratory tests and procedures.
Color blindness, of itself, does not preclude admission.
b. Identify cellular components and microorganisms utilizing a microscope.
c. Read laboratory instrument procedure manuals, standard operating procedures
specimen labels and other pertinent materials for patient care and professional practice.
Possess sufficient manual dexterity in order to:
a. Process specimens and perform laboratory testing procedures.
b. Lift and handle typical hand-held medical laboratory equipment and tools.
c. Operate clinical laboratory instruments and equipment, including computers.
d. Perform delicate manipulations that require good eye-hand coordination.
Perform laboratory procedures accurately within an established time-frame while
maintaining efficiency and organization.
Exercise independent judgment and use critical thinking skills to solve problems.
Communicate in a professional and positive manner with faculty, classmates, patients,
laboratory personnel, and other healthcare and non-healthcare personnel.
App.Instructions. MLS. 2nd BS. rev.7-6-2015
Maintain patient confidentiality and exercise ethical judgment, integrity, honesty,
dependability, and accountability in the classroom and clinical laboratory.
Applicant Must Submit the Following Electronically:
Application for Admission: 2nd BS in Medical Laboratory Science
a. Type information on application form and sign the form.
Two letters of Recommendation
a. Choose two biology and/or chemistry instructors who are able to address your academic
AND technical laboratory skills. If an instructor teaches only lecture, have an additional
laboratory instructor write a recommendation.
b. Request these letters well in advance of the due date, at least 2 weeks.
c. Send electronically each evaluator a signed Recommendation Form provided in the
application folder.
d. It is the applicant’s responsibility to insure that your recommendations are sent by the
application deadline.
Personal Statement of Academic Goals
a. All Personal Statements must be typed and should not exceed two pages. Be sure your name
is on the document.
b. Applicant should discuss:
 Reason for entering the field of Medical Laboratory Science
 Career/ professional goals
 Strengths and weaknesses in coping with a rigorous science-based curriculum
 Any other information you believe is important for the Admissions Committee to know
about you
Courses in Progress Form (if applicable)
This form should include the semester and the location where all remaining prerequisite
requirements will be completed. Official transcripts for courses completed after your application
is mailed must be received within one month of conclusion of the course.
E-mail all application materials to Merle Chandra, MLS Program Administrative Assistant at
[email protected]
In addition, applicant must submit an official transcript from every institution where collegelevel credit was earned in an officially sealed envelop.
Application Deadline
A complete Application for Admission, including personal statement, 2 recommendations, official
transcripts and Courses in Progress Form (if applicable) must be received no later than March 1.
Incomplete file will not be processed.
Medical Requirements
Students enrolled in Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) courses may have potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens or other potentially infectious materials and may be at risk of acquiring hepatitis B virus
(HBV). Also, during the course of the Medical Laboratory Science program, students may have direct
patient contact. This program requires the student to demonstrate effective vaccinations prior to starting
the MLS courses (except MLS 210).
App.Instructions. MLS. 2nd BS. rev.7-6-2015
Therefore, all full-time, part-time and categorical certificate students admitted to the junior (3rd) year of
the Medical Laboratory Science program must submit the following forms:
 To the Wellness Center: Stevenson University Student Health Form. Disregard if you already
submitted this form as a matriculating student.
 To the Administrative Assistant in the School of the Sciences: Supplemental Health Form for
Medical Laboratory Science Students
These forms can be found on the Wellness Center and Medical Laboratory Science websites.
Medical Laboratory Science students MUST provide:
Documentation of EITHER history of disease OR immunizations (2 doses), OR positive
titer as confirmation of immune status for:
 Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR)
 Varicella (chicken pox)
Documentation of Hepatitis B immunization series (3 doses) AND
Laboratory confirmation of immune status by positive immune titer for Hepatitis B
(Hepatitis B surface antibody = anti-HBs). If Hepatitis B titer indicates non-immune
status, student should get one booster dose and a repeat titer within 1-2 months after
receiving booster dose. If repeat titer indicates student is non-immune, student will be
counseled by Wellness Center regarding their risk of acquiring Hepatitis B.
Documentation of tetanus immunization (Tdap) within 5 years.
Student may choose to decline the hepatitis vaccine, but he/she must sign the Hepatitis
Declination Form (Appendix A of the Exposure Control Plan for the School of the Sciences) as
documentation of understanding the risk of acquiring hepatitis B.
Documentation of all required immunizations and/ or titers listed in the Supplemental Health
Form (or Hepatitis Declination Form) must be received by July 1 for fall courses and January 2
for spring courses. If documentation of immunizations and/ or titers, or signed declination form,
is not on file by the deadline, the student will be dropped from all registered MLS courses.
Students entering the senior (4th) year of the program must also present documentation of a
negative tuberculosis screening test (PPD or chest x-ray) prior to the start of classes in the fall
An annual influenza immunization (free of charge to seniors at Sinai Hospital in fall) is required
by the Hospital and clinical practicum affiliates.
It is strongly recommended that students maintain personal medical insurance. Students are
financially responsible for any costs incurred due to illness or injury experienced by the student,
in conjunction with the student labs and clinical practicum.
App.Instructions. MLS. 2nd BS. rev.7-6-2015
Applicant Checklist: 2nd BS in Medical Laboratory Science
Do not submit with application
 Minimum cumulative GPA = 2.8
 Grade of “C” or better in ALL prerequisite courses in chemistry, biology and math
 ALL prerequisite courses completed by August 1 prior to 3rd-year status
 Earned 60 credit hours by August 1 prior to 3rd-year status
 Application for Admission Form, signed and dated
 Personal statement
 Ability to meet published Non-academic Essential Functions
 Two letters of recommendation from biology and/or chemistry instructors
 Courses in Progress Form (if applicable)
 Official transcript from each institution where college credit earned
 ALL application materials submitted to [email protected] no later than March 1
App.Instructions. MLS. 2nd BS. rev.7-6-2015