jeudi 6 novembre Meeting 5 France Trip... Important Information

jeudi 6 novembre Meeting 5 France Trip 2014
Important Information
Future meeting dates – Mark your calendars! Attendance at these meetings is
November 20, December 11, January 15, January 29, February 12, February 26,
March 5, March 11 (Wednesday check-out).
A parent meeting will be scheduled in February.
Check your online account on – have you submitted all of the
necessary documents (2 pictures, host family letter, host family application)?
Group Discussion
Is it the custom to kiss, hug or shake hands when meeting people for the
first time in your destination country? (see image)
What is the customary greeting in your host family’s language?
Should you communicate formally when you greet your host family or is
informal communication the proper etiquette in your destination country?
Are there different forms of address between peers of the same age and
between youth and adults?
Should I begin a conversation with my host family sometimes or should I
only wait for them to start a conversation and reply?
If I have a problem or complaint, how will I communicate effectively and
If I don’t understand something, how will I ask for clarity?
When your small group is done compiling answers, come together as a
large group to compare and discuss responses.
It’s normal that you will not understand everything your family is saying. No
need to worry! You are a language learner and host families know that.
It’s O.K. to ask your host family to speak more slowly – especially for the
first couple of days.
When you get there, keep these questions in mind during your family
Is it fair that I would compare my host family with my own? Can I accept
them for who they are?
What is the impression that I would like to make with my host family?
Positive? Negative? Neutral?
Am I showing interest in the things my host family is sharing or telling me
each day? What can I do to demonstrate that I appreciate their effort to
share stories or information with me?
If I’m uncomfortable or if something is bothering me, is it because I’m in
danger or is it simply because I am not familiar with something or I don’t
like something?
What am I learning about my host family? What am I learning about
All students must have a passport to leave the United States! If you do
not have one, please apply now.
The next payment of $800 is due on December 1st.
Continue to practice the expressions from your blue worksheet – spend at
least 20 minutes a week (beyond your regular French homework)
practicing extra vocabulary in order to prepare for the trip. Watch youtube
videos, listen to French songs, and watch French movies for extra
practice. You will feel a lot more confident in your listening comprehension
if you practice a lot before the trip.
Student Expectations:
In order to remain eligible for the trip, students must meet the following
-Maintain at least a C average in all core and non-core classes.
-Do not have any major discipline referrals (insubordination, fighting, or other
serious infractions that would indicate that the student would pose a problem to
the group)
-Attend preparation meetings twice a month after school.