Notre Dame College Prep Alumni Association General Meeting

Notre Dame College Prep
Alumni Association
General Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, August 18, 2009
First meeting of the 2009-2010 school year
Meeting was called to order at 7:25 PM by Joe Jummati ‘88
Gene Faut ’59 gave the opening prayer
1. Roll call – Name and graduating year (9 in attendance):
T.J. Riley ’81, Joe Jummati ’88, Gene Faut ’59, Dimitri Tsalanikas ’64, John Bamber ’64, Bill Marquardt ’67, Ken
Rusk ’60, Al Pacer ’67, Mike Russelle ’91.
Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved by Gene Faut ’59 and seconded by John Bamber
Introductions of all those present.
Review of Alumni Events - Joe Jummanti:
1. Alumni Track, Soccer, Baseball events cancelled 6/20/09 due to lack of registration
2. Softball Tournament (inaugural event) 6 teams, 72 players ($1,400 raised) with lots of new alumni
faces participating in the event
3. John Bamber reported on the Alumni Golf Outing: more of a friend raiser this year due to the
school’s redirection of fundraiser’s – 226 total golfers participated and $17,500 was raised. In
previous years the amount raised varied from 22K to 26K. All proceeds this year go to the Alumni
Scholarship fund. Pictures are posted on the website as well as the Alumni Facebook page. Many
compliments on the new format and the outside food arrangement & beer tubs aided in the success
of the event and opportunity to meet lots of folks. At the November 10, 2009 meeting we will vote
on the use of the funds raised from the outing as far as scholarships amounts, number given, or to
begin an alumni endowment.
Joe Jummati mentioned that as a Board we need to review where the funds are going for all the alumni
events, not just the golf outing. With the additions of Texas Hold’em tournaments, the bags tournament
and golf outing, it is important we concentrate the giving efforts.
Alumni Scholarships – Joe Jummati
Applications in the process of being revised; will be discussed at a future meeting.
Construction Update – Joe Jummati
Grotto complete, football turf down/being stretched. Currently rehabbing concourse stands. 1st game
tentative @ Niles North due to construction and home opener scheduled for September 4, 2009 vs. Fenwick.
New School Website – Gene Faut
The school is in the process of upgrading the website to have more of a social site; ie. the alumni section for
participation, etc. The new site will offer a lot more ability to grow and develop over time.
Enrollment – Gene Faut
Last year, ND saw the greatest growth by % among many of its competitors and other catholic high schools.
Currently the school’s enrollment is the same as last year – 832. With the freezing of tuition, the troubled
economy and the decreasing number of students attending catholic grammar schools, this number is strong.
Paul Tokarz, the Director of Enrollment will be invited to our next meeting to discuss the enrollment numbers
in greater detail.
Walk-A-Thon: Alumni Participation – Al Pacer
Plan is to participate in 2010 – 10 Alumni teams, each with a captain: Goal is for each person participating to
raise a minimum of $1,000 – More information to come.
Alumni Director Update – Augie Genovesi
- Alumni Tent will be limited this year with the new stadium/field. We are purchasing a tent for future
use rather than renting one as it is more affordable and can be used for multiple functions if
necessary. Tent needs to be accommodating to the new field surface. There will be no food in the
tent except for homecoming on 9/25.
- Texas Hold’em tournaments & bag tournaments will be organized by the Young Alumni committee.
- Reunion Mass will be held outside in the grotto, weather permitting
- Lifetime Learning: dates in February/March 2010 (See website for more details)
Next Meeting will be Tuesday, September 22, 2009 at Olivetti’s in Des Plaines
Meeting adjourned at 8:55 by John Bamber, seconded by T.J. Riley