Sea surface temperature estimating algorithm from

Sea surface temperature estimating algorithm from Aqua/MODIS observations
for global ocean - Characteristics of errors and quality check processing
Kohtaro Hosoda1 and Huiling Qin1
Center for Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies, Graduate School of Science, Tohoku
University, Aoba, Sendai 980-8578, Japan
We have developed empirical algorithms for estimating sea surface temperature
(SST) from Aqua/MODIS for global ocean with reference to the buoy observations.
Both the water-vapor SST (WVSST) and nonlinear SST (NLSST) methods were
adopted for atmospheric correction, based on our validation study. In this presentation,
we will present characteristics of estimating errors and will discuss on how to
improve the algorithms. In addition, the quality checking processing for estimated
SST images will be shown in the presentation.