Larger Than – Life Lara

Larger Than – Life Lara
By: Dandi Daley Mackall
Genre: Realistic Fiction
In this book Lara Phelps wanted to meet and make new
friends at Paris Elementary, because she was a new
student. But of all of the possible things Joey Gilbert
could do to Lara she still stood strong as soldiers…smile
on her face every time that you saw her. You’ll have to
read on to figure out what happens at the end of the
Main Characters: Lara Phelps, Laney Grafton,
& Joey Gilbert
Setting: Paris Elementary
Theme: The moral (lesson) at the end of
this magnificent book is that you shouldn’t judge a book
by its cover, or you shouldn’t turn down something before
you try it. This refers to Lara because everybody was
judging her because she was fat.
What Kind of Person: The people who
should read this book are the people who think they are
outcasts but they’re really not. Also bullies because they
need to change.
My Favorite Parts Are:
1: When Laney and her brother finally talk.
2: When Lara teaches Laney her lines in the play.
My Favorite because… it has a really great moral to it.