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Music for Early Years
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Music for Early Years Course
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Application Form Guidelines and Course Notes
Music for Early Years
These classes are aimed at children from pre 1 year old to 7 years old.
If you wish you child to return for session 11/12 please ensure that your re-enrolment form is returned
no later than 30 August 2011.
Fees can be paid in advance of the term by cheque (made payable to the RSAMD) and also on the
first day of term (cash or cheque). All new applicants should submit a £10 registration fee.
Piano Lessons
Piano lessons are available to school aged children and must be taken in conjunction with the Early
Years musicianship course.
There is limited availability for the 30 minute individual piano lessons and some requests may have to
be put on our waiting list.
Junior Conservatoire of Music (Pre Juniors)
If this is your child’s last year in the music for Early Years programme they may wish to consider
joining the Junior Conservatoire pre junior course.
The Junior Conservatoire offers classes for children between the ages of 7 and 11 years old who
have only recently started to play or are beginners. The children will have 30 minute lesson, a 30
minute theory, singing and musicianship class and a 30 minute rhythm based group activity. A
subsidiary study and ensemble work will be available if appropriate.
Most of the lessons for this preparatory course will take place in the late morning and early afternoon
each Saturday during term time. This course is only available for children up to the age of 11years
The open day for the Junior Conservatoire will take place on Saturday 12 November 2011 and
prospective students and parents are welcome to attend. Tickets can be booked online via our
website or collected on the day (registration takes place at 10am).
A Family Concert will be held on that will give children and their parents/guardians an opportunity to
find out more about this special course for younger children
Application forms will be available at the open day or on our website. The closing date for our intake
in September 2012 will be the first week in December 2011.
All applicants will be auditioned by the Head of the Junior Conservatoire or his representative
together with an instrumental specialist. Children who are beginners will have a short interview that
will explore through their aural work, their musical potential and suitability for the proposed
instrumental study.
Those who have already started to play will have a short audition that will include; a performance of
two pieces, scales & arpeggios or broken chords in principal study (if known), sight reading and aural