Work Experience Review by Harry Weir During my work experience

Work Experience Review by Harry Weir
During my work experience placement from the 28th May to the 1st June 2012, I worked in the Short
Courses Office in the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
On my first day at the Conservatoire, I started work at 9:30am where I met Helen DeMayne who
would be one of my supervisors during the week. Once we had introduced each other, Helen gave me
a tour of the Conservatoire and showed me where each department was and the facilities available
there. As it is a big building, it took me a few days to find my way around, but thankfully my colleagues
in Short Courses were more than happy to help. During my work experience I was also allowed to sit
in on some of the classes on during the day, the first of which was one of the rehearsals for a German
version of "The Magic Flute", conducted by Tim Dean. It was really enjoyable. In the afternoon I met
Alexine, who gave me some paperwork to do to conclude my first day.
Tuesday was even better. I started at the earlier time of 9:15am and spoke to Linsey Meldrum from
the Human Resources Department, who was very nice and told me a bit about what she did and the
management structure of the different schools in the Conservatoire, for example the School of Drama.
I then spoke to the boss in the Short Courses Office, Eona Craig. We sat in the Café Bar area and
filled out some of the questions in my Work Experience Diary supplied by my school (over a tasty cup
of coffee!). Being a jazz enthusiast, I was hoping to sit in on some of the jazz rehearsals. Originally
they were not available but after speaking to a friend on the jazz course, I was able to sit in on some
of the rehearsals, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I also got to speak to Professor Tommy Smith, head of
jazz who was also very nice. In the afternoon there were rehearsals for "The Magic Flute" and also a
Musical Theatre performance.
On Wednesday I had a later start at 10:00am. My day started off by visiting the acting classes run by
one of the nicest people I met in the week, Ali De Souza. They were looking at Shakespeare and
some of the speeches from various Shakespearean plays such as "Macbeth", "Romeo and Juliet" and
"Two Men in Verona". The rest of the day was spent observing more fantastic rehearsals of the jazz
students and two actual recitals after hours in the Guinness Room, the star of the show for me being
tenor saxophonist Scott Murphy.
On the second last day of my work experience, I helped the stage co-ordinator, Ashleigh, move some
props from the Speirlocks Studios to the Conservatoire. When I finished that, I observed the musical
theatre students practicing for a jazz dance recital, run by (the dancing was good, but it was the music
that appealed to me most!). I joined them again for their musical theatre rehearsals. To finish off my
day, I observed the remaining jazz recitals of the day again after hours.
Friday was my last day at the Conservatoire and began with more brilliant acting classes from Ali who
was one of the best classes of the week for me. I watched a violin concert by the amazing Ilya
Gringolts and seen that my last class was cancelled I was given some more paperwork to do.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Conservatoire. All of the staff and most of the students that I
worked with and spoke to were all extremely nice, all the classes were very interesting and if you ever
have a chance to do a class or summer school or work experience like me, I can assure you, you will
not be disappointed.