Classroom Expectations and Consequences for Mr

Magister Kobielnik’s One Rule
Since we are here to learn, nobody has the right to interfere with the
learning of anyone in this classroom.
Classroom Expectations
1. Respect: Talk when appropriate and listen when appropriate.
Do not talk during instruction without raising your hand.
Listen carefully to directions and instruction.
2. Integrity: Do your own work to the best of your ability.
Do not copy homework, classwork, quizzes, or tests.
Do not allow other students to copy your work.
Work to the best of your capability; push yourself!
3. Compassion: Speak supportively with everyone in the room.
If you don’t have anything nice to say to other students,
keep your comments to yourself.
Do not make comments or ask questions designed to
disparage teachers, classes, or administrators.
4. Discipline: Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
Do not hit, poke, stab, kick, trip,(etc.) others.
If it’s not yours, keep your hands off of it!
 Do not ever throw or toss anything in this room.
5. Focus: Work productively during classroom activities.
Engage yourself fully in group collaboration; do not
distract other students from their work.
Work silently during individual class work. Do not rush.
I expect that you will be well-behaved in class so we can have fun while learning. I will attempt to
correct any behaviors that interfere with learning with you before contacting home and/or the
office for disciplinary referral.
(Cut here; keep the top portion for your records. This document is available on my website for your convenience)
I understand Mr. Kobielnik’s One Rule & Expectations for Latin class!
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