Grades - Salem Community Schools

1. Mr. Calhoun will grade and return all assigned work, typically on a daily basis. Mr. Calhoun will enter unit
grades into Powerschool typically on a weekly basis. If you have questions about your grade, ask Mr. Calhoun
about it any time class is not in session. If your parents would like to know more specific information about
your grade, they may contact Mr. Calhoun at [email protected] or by calling the school.
2. In order to receive an A, a student must attain at least a 90% average on all required work plus 60 points of
enrichment activities during the semester. An A student will demonstrate a mastery of Indiana state standards.
3. In order to receive a B, a student must attain at least an 80% average on all required work. A student who earns a
B will be exposed to the Indiana state standards and demonstrate mastery of most of the standards.
4. In order to receive a C, a student must attain at least a 70% average on all required work. A student who earns a
C will be exposed to the Indiana state standards and show minimum proficiency.
5. Any student below 70% at the end of the grading period will receive a failing grade and will not earn credit.
6. Point values are recorded as they are written on each assignment, the percentage is calculated by sum of the
students scores divided by the total points possible.
7. All assignments will be graded. The semester grade is a percentage of the total points of the semester.
8. A quiz must be passed with a minimum of 80% in order for a student to proceed to the next unit or to receive
credit for anything in the next unit. Example; you may not do the experiment for unit 2 until you have passed,
80% or better, the unit 1 quiz. When you take a quiz, you are not to sit with another person or talk to another
person. This will be considered cheating, no matter what.
9. Materials will be graded from 1 unit at a time. You may not do the next unit experiment until the previous unit is
completed, including the quiz. Exception: REDO assignments will be accepted, but not an extended period of
time after they have been returned.
10. The date that materials are due is final. Do not ask for an extension unless you have been absent an extended
number of days. Do not FORGET to turn in assignments, they will not be accepted.
11. Show up on time, every day and work while you are here. Expect to work some outside of class. If you do
have to miss a class, notify Mr. Calhoun in advance. If you miss class, talk with Mr. C about what you missed
before 8:15am the day you come back or email him at [email protected]
Type of day in Chemistry
Work Day
Due Date
Test Day
Planned absence
Complete discovery before
Get the notes from a fellow student
and see Mr. C. with questions.
Talk with Mr. C.
Materials are due before you leave.
Take the test before you leave.
See Mr. C. two days in advance
Unplanned absence
Do an enrichment to make up points
Get the notes from a fellow student
and see Mr. C. with questions.
See Mr. C. if you need more days
Materials due the day you get back.
Take the make- up test the day you
See Mr. C.
My Powerschool login is ____________________ and password is ______________________________
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LABORATORY SAFETY
Goggles and aprons will be worn when instructed.
Students will perform only authorized experiments and use authorized equipment at all times.
Students will behave appropriately in the laboratory, the lab is a dangerous place if misused.
It is unsafe and unhealthy for students to eat or drink anything in the lab; that includes food, soft drinks and all
chemicals. You may drink water at your desk as long as there is no mess and empty containers get recycled properly.
Work in the lab only when your instructor is present.
Clean the lab and put away equipment after every experiment.
Report all accidents to your instructor.
Follow specific safety instructions of each experiment.
If you do not understand part of an experiment, reread your instructions.
If you still do not understand, ask your instructor.
Use common sense.
Failure to comply with the above statements can result in the loss of credit and loss of lab privileges.