Final Exam Review, Unit 1

Sunday, Dec. 14
(the day before the first day of final exams)
5:00-7:00 PM: Open lab in 203
for individual help with Math 010, 110, and 118
TAs Courtney Staycoff
and Josh Kressmer
will be on duty in the open
lab (room 203) to answer
questions on Math 010 and
Math 110 Final Exam
material, include the practice
finals and final exam review
homework assignments.
Math 118 students should
bring specific problems or
study questions.
and turn off and put away
your cell phones,
and get out your note-taking
Today’s daily quiz will be
given at the end of the hour,
and it will cover review
material from today’s lecture.
Two evaluation surveys –
Please take time to do both!
You should have received two separate survey email requests:
• One was from Professor Foley (via Pearson)
– This one is an evaluation of the Math 010/110 Teaching
and Learning Center structure. This will help us evaluate
our course setup, software, tutor lab, TAs, and online
grading/assignments/learning aids.
• The other was from Dr. Chris Bendel, MSCS dept. chair
-- This one is an evaluation of the teacher of your Math 010
or 110 class section. This will give feedback to the department and
to your own teacher about how you rate the effectiveness of instruction in
your particular class section.
Your feedback on both of these surveys will be very
helpful to us in evaluating and improving our teaching
methods and the Math TLC program – THANK YOU!!!
Final Exam Review Materials:
There are three review homework assignments.
These are each worth 8 points, vs. the usual homework assignment of 4 points.
• Unit 1 review homework (Chapters 1, 2, 3)
Due at the start class yesterday, but you CAN still access it to improve your
score if you haven’t yet reached the 80% score needed to access the next one.
• Unit 2 review homework (Chapters 4, 5, 8)
Due at the start class today, but you CAN still access it to improve your score
if you haven’t yet reached the 80% score needed to access the next one.
• Unit 3 review homework (Chapters 6, 7, 10, 11)
NOTE: You must get at least 80% on the Unit 2 Review before you can start
the Unit 3 review. Due at 8 a.m. next Monday, Dec. 15.
• Practice Final Exam
NOTE: You must get at least 80% on the Unit 3 Review before you can start
the Practice final. Due at the start time of your scheduled final exam period.
More info about the Practice Final:
• The practice final has 45 questions, as does the regular final
exam. The questions will NOT be exactly the same as those on the
regular final, but they will be similar in content and are distributed
across sections the same way as on the regular final.
• Each time you take the practice final you will get a different set of
questions, AND your highest score will earn you that percentage of
20 extra credit points on the final, so it will pay off if you can find
the time to take it more than once.
• You CAN stop the time clock on your practice final by closing the
window without submitting the test. You can then come back and
finish it ater, and any answers you’ve already entered will be saved.
• REMINDER: You must get at least 80% on the all three Final Exam
Review Homework assignments before you can start the practice
• Completing those assignments to 100% will prepare you much
better for the final, however… And it will get you the full 8 HW
points for each (24 total).
Final Exam Review,
Part 3
Part 3 of the Final Exam Review HW covers:
- Chapter 6 (Factoring polynomials)
- Section 7.1 (Rational expressions)
- Chapter 10 (Working with radicals)
- Sections 11.2 and 11.5 (Quadratic formula)
Make sure you look over your graded worksheets
from TEST 3 and TEST 4 as part of your
preparation for the final exam.
Teachers: Go over problems that students in your section need work on, especially rational expression problems, simplifying radicals, and using
the determinant of the quadratic formula to find the number and kinds of solutions.
ESPECIALLY take time to go over Test 4 problems that your students didn’t do well on (use Item analysis to determine what to
Schedule for Math TLC Open Lab in Room 203:
Last week of classes: (Dec. 8 – 12)
Regular hours on Tues., Wed., and Thurs. (8 AM – 7:30 PM)
Closing early (6:00 PM) on Monday, December 8
The lab is closed on Friday and Saturday
Special open lab hours on Sunday, Dec. 14: 5:00-7:00 PM
Finals week: (Dec. 15 – 19)
• Lab opens at 8 a.m. Monday-Thursday
• Lab closes at
– 8 p.m. on Monday
– 6 p.m on Tuesday and Wednesday
– 2 p.m. on Thursday
Full schedule is posted on bulletin boards in the classroom and in the open lab, and
online at
You should now open your laptop and work on
Final Review HW 3 until it’s time to take the
Daily Quiz. This assignment is due at the start
of the next class session, and you need to
score at least 80% to get access to the next
Please open Quiz Review 3.
You will have access to the online calculator on
your laptop during this quiz. No other calculators
or cell phones or notes may be used.
• You may use your yellow formula sheet , or ask the TA
for a pink sheet if you don’t have yours with you.
• Remember to turn in your answer sheet to the TA when
the quiz time is up.
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