North Central Accredited

9th & 10th Grade Academy
All 9th and 10th graders will be assigned classes stressing the Math,
Reading and Writing components of the AIMS Tests that are administered
in the Spring of the 10th grade year. Teachers work closely and monitor
each student’s progress through periodic bench-mark testing.
The goal is to ensure that each students scores high and passes the
required tests for graduation.
The Academy Students are required to attend school Friday mornings for
additional help and tutoring. The Academy Teachers work closely with
each other as they prepare lessons for the students. Algebra 1 and
Geometry are the required Math courses and 9th and 10th grade English
are required for the English credit.
In past years we have found the Academy has increased student scores
and the students receive a solid foundation in Math and Reading in order to
ensure success in the higher grades.
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