You See Leaders Student Leadership Conference


You See Leaders/Lift While You Lead

Student Leadership Conference

University of California, Merced

Mariposa Youth Impact Project (MyIP) is excited to partner with the University of

California, Merced (UCM) and offer Mariposa County Unified School District (MCUSD) high school students the opportunity to participate in the student leadership conference.

Thank you for your interest in this event.

You See Leaders/Lift While You Lead is a leadership conference for high school organized by the Associated Students of The University of California Merced (ASUCM)

Office of the Internal Vice President and the Lift While You Lead Organization.

Through a series of interactive workshops and inspiring speakers, ASUCM and Lift

While You Lead show that the synthesis of leadership and higher education is the key to success. This conference aims to foster leadership in these students, and to connect students with the vibrant university community. By demonstrating how participation in civic activities and activism ties in the values of higher education, ASUCM and Lift

While You Lead intends to spark the

next generation

of Central Valley leaders.

The You See Leaders/Lift While You Lead Student Leadership Conference will be held on UCM campus, Sunday, April 12, 2015 from 9:30am – 3:30pm. Transportation will be provided to those who need it. The Keynote Speaker, team building activities and workshops are currently being planned and will be announced soon. Participating students will be provided breakfast snacks at registration, lunch and goodie bags.

Students will have access to the Lift While You Lead track workshops as well as the You

See Leaders student select workshops. On completion of workshops the student will receive a certificate of participation in the Leadership Conference.

There are 70 invitations to the Conference. This conference targets those students who do not see themselves in a leadership role. There is potential in every youth to lead.

This conference will provide programs and services that build students character and leadership. It is designed to help these students to discover their unique strengths and gifts, to lead lives of integrity and great service, and to contribute to their families, communities and future careers. The selected MCHS students are representing their school and Mariposa. Educators, Community Leaders, Parents and fellow students are asked to nominate students to attended this event. The nomination deadline is March

24 th

, 2015. The registration deadline for this Conference is Tuesday, March 31 st

, 2015.

Applications and nomination forms are available online at Mariposa Community

Foundation ( ), MCHS Counseling office, and/or contact Trish Gilger ( [email protected]


The You See Leaders Student Leadership Conference is an excellent opportunity for student growth and development, and providing outstanding experiences that enable emerging student leaders to network with peers from neighboring communities.

Trish Gilger

MyIP Founder