Responsibilities of Curriculum Chair and Dean

Curriculum Committee Chair Responsibilities or Tasks:
1. Create agendas, minutes and provide overall organization (includes reserving rooms,
sending announcements, etc.) for three curriculum committee meetings—Technical
Review, Approval, and Revised.
2. Review all submissions before placing on agenda. In the event errors or discipline
encroachment are evident, notify the appropriate parties.
3. Oversee technical review of curriculum proposals, including course outlines,
prerequisite/corequisite/advisory validations, associate degree and certificate
applications, distance education requests, course changes, advanced status requests, etc.
Ensure the accuracy of each approved document before signing off.
4. Create list of Curriculum Committee recommendations for approval by the Academic
5. Document and forward decisions to the Office of Academic Affairs for final typing
and signatures before submission to the District. Curriculum Chair’s signature verifies
both the accuracy of the documents submitted and that they were approved by the
Curriculum Committee and the Academic Senate.
6. Regularly attend the following additional committees:
a. Program Review and Viability
b. District Curriculum
c. Catalog
d. Chairs (Chairs Council as needed)
e. Educational Planning
f. Matriculation
g. Academic Senate
Regular attendance of the following committees is recommended:
Distance Education
Student Learning Outcomes
Student Success
7. Conduct periodic faculty workshops on completing forms and other curriculum
8. Regularly consult with Career Technical, Academic and noncredit departments on
curriculum development.
9. With consultation from the Curriculum Dean, update the ELAC Curriculum
10. Coordinate consultation of academic policies with faculty and administration.
11. Advertise Curriculum Committee vacancies, and ensure that new members receive
Stand Alone course approval training.
12. Generate annual schedules for revising course outlines for each department, and
submit a status report to each unit’s Program Review validation committee.
Curriculum Dean Responsibilities and Tasks:
1. With the support of the support staff member, maintain data integrity of curriculum
database at the college, district, and state level–includes identifying and resolving data
anomalies in DEC and Protocol, annually correcting and updating the State Chancellor’s
Office and District database of approved skills certificates, associate degrees and
certificates, etc.
2. Meet with Department Chairs to identify and resolve current and future curriculum
3. Clarify, interpret and ensure compliance with Title 5 requirements, e-regulations and
Board Rules.
4. Troubleshoot and advocate for departments within the college, the LACCD and State
Chancellor’s Office.
5. Ensure accuracy of program and course elements listed in the College Catalog.
6. With consultation from the Curriculum Chair, establish procedures for curriculum
creation, including developing college curriculum support documents.
8. Regularly attend the following committees:
a. Program Review and Viability
b. Curriculum Deans
c. Catalog, Chair
d. Chairs
e. Educational Planning
f. Matriculation
g. Technical Review, Approval and Revised Curriculum (3 meetings per month)
9. Ensure correct reporting of Stand Alone courses each year to the System Office and
acquiring CB00 numbers (note--this ended up to be a district function).
10. Collect departmental prerequisite/corequisite challenge procedures.