Music 110 - Music for Elementary School Teachers

Music 110 - Music for Elementary School Teachers
Dr. Chagnon 619 388-2221
Office Hours: MW 1:15-2:15; TTH 11-12:30, C216
Student Learning Outcomes:
Students will develop the skills for demonstrating their understanding of the following musical concepts:
dynamics, form, pitch, beat, rhythm, tempo, texture, and melody.
Students will learn to use their voice for singing.
Students will learn to play the Flutophone.
Students will learn processes to engage students in some of the K – 5 academic content standards for visual and
performing arts in California.
Students will develop strategies for teaching musical concepts to elementary school students.
Course Contents
Students will learn to sing and play a repertoire of songs using their voice and flutophone, which will then serve
as a resource for learning musical concepts.
Students will engage in both individual and group assignments that cater to the five strands of the K – 5 academic
content standards for visual and performing arts in California: a. artistic perception, b. creative expression, c.
aesthetic value, d. connections, relationships, applications, e. historical/cultural
Students will develop lesson plans for teaching musical concepts using a Kodaly-based method, and have several
opportunities to “teach” each other music-related concepts.
Method of Evaluation Due dates will be announced well in advance.
Quizzes (several)
Examples include: 1. Starting a song 2. So-mi I, II 3. Ta ti ti 4. Flute I, II, III 5. Songs of Silence
6. Radio on-off 7. Dictation 8. Disappearing Music 9. Music Game 10. Basic music knowledge
Homework assignments
Examples include Music Match, Music Advocacy
Examples include Bulletin Board, Soundscape, Where’s Mr. Maraca
Class participation: It is the student’s responsibility to drop all classes in which he/she is no longer attending
Students who remain enrolled in a class beyond the published withdrawal deadline as stated in the class schedule,
will receive an evaluative letter grade in this class.
Teach I, II, Final (sing a song, play a song on flutophone, sing a rhythm)
Absences, tardiness, and leaving class early will not be part of the grade prior to the drop deadline. However,
students accumulating absences that exceed 6% (4 hrs) of the total hours scheduled for the class can and will
most likely be dropped. Students late for class/leaving early more than 3 times will also be eligible to be
dropped. The final grade in this class will be affected by active participation, including attendance, as follows:
After the drop date, two unexcused absences will lower one’s grade by a letter. (ex. A to B).
Method of Instruction
This is a performance-based class; therefore your 100% class participation is necessary. This will include singing; doing a
variety of physical activities such as walking, clapping; playing Flutophone; giving class presentations; and working with
other students in groups. Students with disabilities who may need academic accommodations should discuss options with
me during the first 2 weeks of class.
Flutophone (in bookstore)
Manuscript paper (music paper) Google “manuscript paper”
Texts: 150 American folk Songs to sing, read, and play; Class packet: PAC (bookstore)
WEBPAGE Most of the songs we sing in class can be found at my webpage.