Curriculum Policy Statement 2014

At Barwell Church of England Academy we aim to provide our children with a broad and
balanced curriculum that promotes spiritual, cultural, moral, mental and physical
development as well as preparing our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and
experiences of later life.
The core of our curriculum is drawn from the National Curriculum 2014 in which there
are three core subject areas and 10 foundation subjects. The core subjects are
English, Mathematics and Science and children’s development in these areas is
The other subject areas are: Art and design; Computing; Design and technology;
French; Geography; History; Music; Physical education; Religious education and
Personal, social and health education.
We plan using a ‘Learning Journey’ approach where subject objectives are linked and
taught together in a themed way. We also focus on the core subjects in a discrete
English is an integral part of every area of the curriculum as well as being a subject in
its own right. It is important that every child has opportunities to learn to read and write
across the curriculum but also that they learn the skills they need. We have specific
lessons that focus on: Phonics; Spelling; Handwriting; Grammar; Punctuation and
Reading every week.
In our Mathematics curriculum we aim to ensure that our pupils become fluent in all
areas of Maths, can reason mathematically and can solve problems. We recognise that
Mathematics is an interconnected subject and look for links to develop children’s
mathematical ability through our Learning Journeys, making the learning real and
relevant. As in English, we also focus on specific mathematical skills in discrete Maths
lessons daily to ensure that children progress their skills at their own level.
A programme for the inclusion of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)
focusing on Social and Emotional aspects of Learning is integrated into core and
foundation subjects in all year groups.
In teaching Religious Education, we follow the guidelines of both the Leicestershire
Agreed Syllabus and the Diocese of Leicester Agreed Syllabus for R.E. As a Church of
England (Controlled) School, we place greater emphasis on Christianity. The R.E.
objectives are integrated into our Learning Journey approach to place greater emphasis
on the importance of this subject.
A Collective Act of Worship is held in school each day.
Our curriculum is enhanced and extended through a wide range of activities for children
of all ages that take place before or after school hours or during lunchtimes that inspire
children to develop their skills and knowledge to a deeper and higher level above and
beyond the core curriculum.
This curriculum policy statement is set within a framework that expects and seeks to
attain the highest possible achievement from our pupils regardless of race, sex,
disability or background, through the promotion of values which we endeavour to uphold
and live by. Our values centre on our six Christian Values that were chosen by the
whole school community. These values are an integral part of our learning and
collective worship and we focus on one value each half term. The values are:
Friendship; Thankfulness; Compassion; Hope; Forgiveness and Trust.
This curriculum policy has been developed in the context of the overall aims of the
school. Further details regarding school vision and aims, and the content and delivery of
the curriculum may be found within our school prospectus and within school policies.
September 2014