Grade 8 Parent Letter

Guidance Department
High School Information
for Grade 8 Parents
Welcome to a new school year. We are pleased that you have taken the time out of your busy
schedules to sit down and learn about the exciting new journey your child will embark on.
This communication should help answer some of your questions around registering your
child for high school. In most cases, all of the work will be done by our staff here at the
school. There are, however, some unique circumstances where parents will be more involved
in the registration process, but we will make every effort to support you in whatever way we
can. Please read the following highlights of what's to come with respect to the registration
process for high school.
 Regional program charts will be distributed to students on Wednesday.
 Common course calendars are available online at
 Workshops with our guidance counsellor will be provided to each grade 8 class to
guide students through completing option forms
 Every student will complete and submit their home, public high school option
form regardless of whether they have applied to any other regional program,
however, they will NOT complete an Applewood Heights option sheet if they
are planning on attending a Catholic secondary school.
 Option form will be completed online in early January
 Any students who are planning on attending a Catholic secondary school must
obtain registration information and option forms from the school themselves. We
will assist students in completing these option forms, but we cannot provide any
further registration assistance.
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. What if my son/daughter wants to go to another secondary school that is not their
home school?
A student must live within the high school boundaries in order to attend a regular high
school program. Proof of address is required to enrol in any high school.
2. My child has applied to a regional program. Why do I have to fill out their home
high school option form?
There is no guarantee that any child will be accepted into a regional program. As a result we
must ensure that everyone has filled out an option form for their home high school so that
they do not miss out on class options due to late entry.
3. What do we do if we have decided to send our child to our local Catholic
secondary school?
This is done at the discretion of the parent, but you are responsible for going to that school
to complete the appropriate registration forms. We will help your child choose the correct
options, but we cannot register them for you.
4. My child has been accepted into a regional program or we have registered at a
local Catholic secondary school, now what do we do?
It is vital that you inform our school as soon as possible. This is done for two reasons. First,
at the end of each year we must send your child's Ontario School Record to their high
school. If our records do not reflect any changes, it will automatically be sent to their home
high school. If this happens, it may take a great deal of valuable time to track it down and
have it sent to the correct school. Secondly, in order for your child to be transitioned in the
Student Information System for September, a code must be entered for their high school. If
the code does not match the school. then their electronic file cannot be accessed by their
new school which could result in delayed entry. Please, make sure that you or your child
informs us of any changes in their high school for grade 9 as soon as possible.
5. My child is either in the enhanced program or ISSP program at school and we
want them to be in the same program in high school, what do I do to make sure this
Our special education staff and guidance counsellor will be in contact with you or your child
regarding this process. It is our goal to make sure that every child's educational needs are
met regardless of what high school they will be attending in September. To this end we
ensure that all ISSP and enhanced learning students are afforded the necessary arrangements
for enrolling in high school.
If at any time you have questions regarding the process, or would like to make an
appointment to see Ms. Azevedo, please call the school at (905) 755-9809.