Classroom Teacher`s Role: To plan, coordinate, schedule, and

Inclusive Roles and Responsibilities
Classroom Teacher’s Role: To plan, coordinate, schedule, and evaluate curriculum and instructional
outcomes within a secure, positive, and enriched inclusive classroom environment.
Classroom Teacher
Content Specialist
Instructional Leader
“Chief Cook”
Special Educator’s Role: To provide instruction and support which facilitate the participation of students
with disabilities in regular education classroom.
Special Education Teacher
Case Manager
Resource Specialist
Special Education Teachers
General Education Teachers
1. Serve as case managers and be responsible
for the development, implementation, and
evaluation of student IEPs.
2. Complete and maintain IEP and other assigned
special education records.
3. Keep an updated list of which GenEd teachers
have students with IEPs in their classes.
4. Provide IEP information to teachers and
assistants instructing each identified student
5. Provide other instructionally relevant
information (learning styles, instructional
preferences, informal observations, etc.)
6. Maintain regular communication with GenEd
7. Schedule and attend planning times with
classroom teacher(s)
8. Monitor student progress on IEP
goals/objectives and teacher needs
9. Complete IEP progress reports to parents
10. Provide specialized instruction as defined in
each student’s IEP
11. Gather data useful for planning instructional
programs, modifying existing programs, and
communicating with others.
1. Provide instructional schedule & long range
plan information
2. Provide short range planning info
(topic/chapter/assignment and test dates)
3. Read student information related
documents provided by special services
4. Provide information regarding the
curriculum, instructional environment,
routine and rules
5. Implement or collaborate regarding the
development and implementation of student
accommodations and modifications
6. Collaborate regarding curricular
modifications by prioritizing or selecting
unit and lesson objectives
7. Schedule and attend planning meetings
8. Regularly communicate regarding the
progress and needs of the target students
in content subjects and IEP
9. Recognize students’ individual abilities and
use various teaching techniques to
facilitate learning of all students in the
10. Facilitate positive social relationships
among children.
11. Provide a copy of midterm grades and
assign report card grades collaboratively
with the special educator, if appropriate
W. Balough, 2012
Research to Practice, 6-2012
Indirect Services Look Like…
DIRECT inclusive services means the special education teacher come into the general classroom and works
“directly” with students during instruction. Supported Instruction and Co-Teaching are example of
collaborative direct services. Pull-out instruction by special education, such as resource or special setting
classes are examples of direct SpEd services.
INDIRECT inclusive services include Consultation, as well as a long list of specific tasks, actions, and
strategies which special education teachers can take to support students and the adults who work directly
with them. Some of the INDIRECT options include:
INDIRECT Inclusive Services Strategies Menu
Help teachers prioritize or reduce
instructional objectives as needed or in
accordance with the student’s IEP.
Review student information together
Review lesson plans together, as needed.
Problem solving
Behavior intervention suggestions and
Collaborate regarding specific IEP
goals/objectives that the general
education teacher is responsible for
implementing and teaching
Be available and LISTEN to comments
and concerns of the GenEd Teacher and
provide feedback, if requested.
Gather information about upcoming
instructional plans, topics, assignments,
and activities
Review student work together. Do error
analysis or define strengths and needs –
Make suggestions for accommodations
and modifications, and future goals.
Offer to help or make sample
accommodation materials or
modifications - offer to reorganize or
reformat examples or make models.
Coordinate accommodations in
accordance with PASS, HSAP and MAP
testing guidelines for instruction.
Review tests and assignments. Make
suggestions for accommodations and
modifications, or offer to reorganize or
reformat examples or models.
W. Balough, 2012
Pull students for short conferences or
Increase or intensify student support if
he/she is performing poorly.
Temporarily increase direct or indirect
support for tests and assignments
Conduct in-class observations and
provide constructive and specific
feedback to the teacher and/or the
Analyze the classroom environment
through interview or observation. Make
an inventory of classroom procedures
and expectations.
Offer LIMITED direct assistance in
the general classroom (short-term
support or coaching)
Write parent communications
Write lesson plans for a SpEd assistant
to follow when working directly with
Observe a SpEd Assistant working in an
instructional setting and provide
feedback and suggestions for training.
Meet and plan with a SpEd assistant
who is working directly with students.
Both lists – the Roles and Responsibilities of GenEd
and SpEd Teachers and The Indirect Services
Strategies Menu can be “customized” at the district -,
school-, or program-level.
Read through each list, one item at a time, and add,
delete, or change as desired. This makes an excellent
group collaboration activity!
Research to Practice, 6-2012
W. Balough, 2012
Research to Practice, 6-2012